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Shumway Clan,

Soooo sad about BYU! But the great thing is they can learn from their mistakes and come back next year with a bang! And your FAMILY HISTORY... Mom and Dad. You guys are the greatest! That work has power, keep at it! And Lovey, I loved your pics of PROM. Holy toledo you guys are one good-looking couple. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

So this week I wanted to start by telling you about a little adventure I had this week. It rained again this week … okay A LOT more. It all started when we walked out of a cita, and my comp said she felt a raindrop. I didn´t feel anything and we kept walking. And then all of a sudden, BOOM, it starts pouring! We ran to our next cita, and by that time we were soaked. We thought it might die down, but then the water started flowing in from the walls in the house we were in so we decided it may be a good idea to head home. They gave us bags for our heads, and we headed out in the storm. The sidewalk was like a river, and as we were running home the streets turned into floods. We got home safely, and I couldn´t stop smiling and laughing because it was just so exciting. Ha! I sent a pic of our apartment complex. But it really never rains here ... EVER. It seriously is a miracle. One of the most exciting nights of my life. SO MUCH WATER!!!!!

Also, our Multi-zone Conference was so wonderful! I recorded our play and will show you it when I get home. IT WAS SO FUNNY!!! The latinos talked in English and the Gringos in Spanish. It turned out really great! Also, it is always so incredible to hear from President Rowley and his wife. I cannot even express to you how much I love them. They are amazing, and very inspirational. I only have one more Multi-Zone Conference with them in June and then we are going to change Presidents. Our new President is from CA - your homeland mama - and his last name is Rasmussen. It is going to be really hard saying goodbye to President Rowley and his wife, but I know that all mission presidents are incredible, and it will be wonderful getting to know President Rasmussen and his sweet wife. 

So a lot of our investigators weren´t home this week. We are still working with that family, but they couldn´t meet this week. And also the investigator Percy still has a lot of interest, but wasn´t home a lot of this week. We are going to give him a Book of Mormon this next week and I hope he reads it and feels that it is true! That is the key to this religion. That incredible book. But so far he has shown a lot of interest. Also, he and his wife aren´t married. But he said they are going to work on that.

We found a new investigator! I don´t know if I mentioned him last week but his name is Manuel. He is the grandson of a less-active, and he randomly came to church this last week with his cousin. We had a few lessons with him this week and asked him if he is willing to be baptized if he feels it is true. And he said YES. We are so excited for him and he is also so excited to see if this really is the path her should take. He had always been in the house when we had lessons with his grandma, but never had interest. And then one day he wanted to try it out and came to church. It was just incredible.

So this week, we have women´s conference -- woot woot!!! And I cannot wait for General Conference. I have realized how special and important that meeting is because we have the chance to listen to our wonderful Prophet. I am trying to think of questions for this general conference. I truly believe that if we go in with specific questions, we are going to receive specific answers. I can´t wait for that great meeting!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! I thank my Heavenly Father every day for all of you and your love and support! It means so much!

Make the most of this next week!

XOXO – Hna. Shumway

The flooded entrance into our apartment -- when it rains ... it definitely pours!

 Photo to document all of us soaking wet hermanas

Multi-zone conference where I got to be King Lamoni's wife

Hermana Hualinga and I with our nifty headbands

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