Monday, November 30, 2015


Shumway Crew,

TURKEY BOWL TIME!! Happy to hear that the Juster Buster got a touchdown. Atta boy! Bet you were pretty proud of the hubs Em! You are all just the cutest! All looking super great! Hope you all ate a whole lot of American food for me and loads of pumpkin pie. Let’s just say that yummy stuff was very missed … but my comp and I tried to make up for it by buying a pizza. Always nice to remember America for a bit.

Gee Whiz Facts - 

1. Apparently I slept talked in Spanish this last week. Cool right!

2. A random drunk guy walked up to us as we were knocking doors last night. All he said was “I am drunk.”

3. We had a baptism this last week of a little 8 year old kid. They called us at 5:30 in the afternoon telling us that there will be a baptism at 6:30. SO RANDOM! They said it was a last minute decision. So we ran to the chapel, filled buckets and buckets up of water to fill the font, cleaned the whole chapel, and my comp and I prepared two talks for the baptism. So last minute but such a great adventure. That’s just kind of how things roll here. His parents are members so it wasn’t a baptism of ours, but good thing we can do things on the spot.


I just wanted to start by sharing an experience I learned about this last Sunday. So this last Sunday was our Primary Program. It was adorable, and filled with funny moments but what impacted me the most was learning the story of little 10 year old David that directed the program. He is a convert to the branch, and is the only member of his family. He listened to the lessons of the missionaries and wanted to be baptized. Of course he is just a little guy so it was quite a process but he was able to be baptized and has been an active member ever since. He walks to church alone every week, with his huge backpack that barely fits him, shirt and tie. He loves the church activities and most of the time shows up alone. He likes to share his testimony on Fast Sundays and is literally my hero. He is 10 YEARS OLD. That is a true follower of Christ. I feel like so often we make up excuses that life is too hard and then I think of David. This little guy is set on going on a mission when he is older. Talk about an example.

So yes the Primary Program was darling. Always a joy! Also, we had a ward activity this last week that turned out really great! Not a whole lot of people came, but the youth that presented the dances did a great job! Familia Crisanto showed up! It was a miracle! They said they loved it and want to come to the next Noche Misional! They only tricky part is they never come to church … but poco a poco!

We ended up leaving our sweet Orieta this last week. She ended up telling us that she isn’t into this anymore and will let us know when we can pass by again. It was a major blow, and we honestly have no idea what happened, but maybe she just needs a break for right now! 

Rosa is doing superb. She didn’t come to church again for work, BUT she is loving the lessons and is pretty much set on getting baptized. THE only thing is this last week she let us know that she will be moving in January to Chile to live with her mother-n-law. But, she told us that she wants to keep the lessons going and would love to get baptized before. They just aren’t married so we have to get them married before her baptism. She said she would talk to her husband about it. She asked us that if she did move to Chile she wants us to pass her information to the missionaries there. And the great thing is I have many friends serving there so maybe she will be in their area! You never know!

Roxana is doing wonderfully! She is just getting started in her Book of Mormon and loves it. Her mom Elva is not as interested for the moment but Roxana is going strong. She said that she would love to be baptized but is just waiting for an answer! She is praying, reading, and wants to come to church this next Sunday! Her kids are slowly starting to listen to us now. They like when we sing hymns … haha! But they are cute!

Overall everything is good here in Chulu! Transfers are coming up am I am positive that I am getting transferred. I have 6 months here in Chulucanas and usually you get transferred at that mark. It has sure been an adventure! We are working hard to strengthen this branch and I hope I leave it better then I found it!

I love this work! I love you all! I know this church is true! It is the most incredible thing in the world. 

Keep on keeping on and choose the right!!!

Hermana Shumway


It was so yummy!

And another pic of me sleeping - this is a typical occurrence

Cleaning the chapel after the activity we had on Friday … our ward mission leader is hilarious!

The famous Eva – she doesn’t like pics

One of the missionaries that is going home this transfer ... Hermana Workman

Food for the birthday of Hermana Nelly – the Peruvian version barbecue

The typical hairless Peruvian dog ... it did not like me so I had to chase it down

A random little girl wanted a pic with me by the tiki man we found. She was so cute! I gave her my saltine crackers.

Our tiki poses

Me and the comp ... she is just the greatest!!!

PDAY selfie in a combi. A combi is a big van that we travel in big groups to get anywhere. It is so ghetto but it is just the best!

Monday, November 23, 2015


Shumway Crew,

Well it was a very humbling week for us. I will go more into details … but here are the Gee Whiz Facts for this week:

1. Well, I knew it was coming ... I GOT LICE! That is what happens when you kiss every person you meet on the cheek. But … it’s these type of things keep the mission life INTERESTING … so it was just great. May have taken H-O-U-R-S to get us bug-free but now we are officially clean! And not to mention with all the time spent doing it we do have our Christmas Album memorized. Always a plus!

2. If you don´t feel happy in your life write a miracle you saw that day. We just started doing and it is the BEST IDEA EVER. When you spot a miracle a day you really notice the blessings you receive in your life.

3. We randomly see dead frogs on the street … EVERYWHERE. Where they come from I have no idea! Our river is dry here in Chulucanas.

4. Common way to travel in Chulucanas is by donkey and hay cart.


So this last week was like a rollercoaster. Many high moments and a few pretty low moments … but it isn’t getting us down! We started out with a huge list of new investigators, many of which I have talked about, but we have narrowed it down a bunch this week. Many weren’t progressing, others just liked to hear our English, and others were just rascals. So we are now focusing more on just a few families. 

Rosa and Byron … NEW MIRACLE for us. We found her knocking doors and she is an angel that is absolutely prepared for this message. She lives with her husband and 6 year old son Byron. They are not married, but anything is possible right! We found her about 3 days ago, knocking doors, and we have taught her every day since. She LOVES this message, has already jumped into reading her Book of Mormon, and she and her son are praying every day. Little darling byron even wanted to take the pamphlets we gave them to school to give to his friends. She and Byron were going to come to church Sunday but a emergency came up and couldn´t. But they are coming to the FHE we have tonight. SHE IS A MIRACLE INVESTIGATOR Her husband is always working during our lessons but so far everything is going splendid!

Family Cristanto (Merliy, Fernando, and his parents) - They once again came to the Noche Misional (branch mission night) and it was a HUGE surprise! They still haven’t come to church, but little by little! They are just very involved in their ice-cream making business. This week is the week … we just know it!

Raul - He is a toughie. That wonderful guy wants an answer, and says he doesn´t feel anything. We had a very intense lesson this last week, praying that Heavenly Father would bless us with inspired questions to help him, and they came! We asked him questions that were literally inspired and guided by the spirit. We asked him how he knew that his own church was true, and he said through reading the scripture, praying, and the way he felt at church. And then I asked him if he feels like he has tried those three things in order to know if our church is true. He said no. He has never come to church, and feels too nervous to read the Book of Mormon. So he said he would try it. But he doesn´t know whether he should keep on listening to us. He says he just doesn´t know. We asked him if he has ever prayed about his own church, and he said no. We invited him to trust in the power of prayer, and ask if what we have shared is true. We´ll see what happens. Overall, it was just a lesson full of many inspired questions, that we hope helps! 

Natalie - 13 year old that is so cute and loves our message. She is very intelligent and mature for her age. We found her knocking doors. She is reading her Book of Mormon and praying to know if it was true. Our last lesson was a little tricky because a random parade happened outside of her house halfway through the lesson. But she is doing great!

Estefany - A random old investigator, 16 year old Estefany, called us this last week to see when we are going to stop by to visit her. We were teaching her before, but could never find her after the first lesson, so we let her go (about 3 months ago). But a miracle occurred and she randomly called us last week! We are stopping by this week!

And we recognized something this week that has helped the spirit guide the lessons. SILENCE. It is crazy how that works when we are not talking and they are just soaking in what we shared … that’s when the spirit testifies. We have seen that a lot this week! 

Yes … the sad news is no one came to church this last week. So no, we won’t be having a baptism for the Noche Blanca. That was a real let-down for us, and we couldn’t believe it when no one showed up for church (We passed by the night before, and the morning of.) But we are not losing faith. We have realized that this work runs on the Lord´s timing, and we can’t rush that. But if we keep working hard we are looking at many Christmas baptisms. Wouldn’t that just be so wonderful! Still is a White Christmas!

We have a branch activity for Thanksgiving, where we are having a talent night and eating chicken sandwiches and chicha morada (famous grapelike drink here). We have a District Meeting that day too so maybe we will do something fun for Thanksgiving! 

It has been a humbling week knowing no one will come to the Noche Blanca. But we ARE NOT losing faith! This is the Lord’s work and he works miracles.

I love this work. I know this church is true. I KNOW that our prophet is an inspired man from God. We testified a lot of him this week and I know he is God’s prophet here on the earth.

Love you all!! 

Do what is right.

Tell all my friends hey! TESS AND KATELYN!!!!


Hermana Shumway

We made cake... in the microwave! You know those box cakes you can buy … well they can be cooked in the microwave in one minute. Who knew?!!

Just walking around town in Piura


A Catholic church ... such beautiful architecture

My comp Hermana Thomas took a picture of me ... looks like I’m still the same Allyse who falls asleep anywhere when I’m exhausted. Some things never change!

Monday, November 16, 2015


Shumway Crew!

It is always the best hearing from you sweet people. First off, I just want to tell you all that FHE with the Ashton Family looked like a hoot! Those cute little guys are getting so big, and man, your dodgeball war looked pretty epic! And all of my Darling Shumway Crew … I LOVE YOU ALL!! 

We are doing wonderful here in Chulucanas. The people sit outside enjoying their delicious mangoes every day ... the sun is FLAMING ... and our legs are covered in dust every day. I heard you got some snow … would you mind sending me a few flakes? But really … all is great here in the land of Chulucanas.

Gee-Whiz Facts of the Week:

1. Because it’s mango season ... and without fail ... when we knock doors from 6:00pm-8:00pm ... we receive a mango from someone. They might not want to listen to us but they are willing to give a mango! The people here are so sweet!
2. I had a cold this week. Ugh.
3. We made cookie dough together this week … just bringing a little bit of America here to Chulu.

This week was another energy-filled, happy week! Me and my comp are just so happy all day long and many people are a little shocked by it at times. I LOVE MY COMP!!! She is a superstar and we are just working hard and coming home whipped. This week we did a lot of following up with our investigators. 

Raul is struggling a little. He has not come to church, and is praying for answer and says he doesn’t feel anything. Is reading his Libro de Mormon but doesn’t know what to think at this point. Pray that he gets an answer because we need a miracle at this point! 

Orieta is probably the sweetest person ever. We showed up to her house for our lesson and she had the seats all set up and ready for us. We gave her a Libro de Mormon and she is ready and excited to read it. She believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but it is just hard to accept a different religion in her life. And she didn’t come to church either.

Merliy and Fernando and the WHOLE Crisanto FAMILY. Yup! We are now teaching many of the family members. They are the ones that came to the Noche Misional. They liked it so much that they had plans to come to church the following Sunday, but never came. But the great part is we are now teaching his parents and they are ready to be baptized. They listened before to missionaries, but stopped because he had many health problems. Now he is a lot better, and they are realizing that they need this message in their family. Their names are Paula and Fernando. So now it’s a family thing!

Reina and her family are struggling at this point. They have not been keeping up with their commitments and have never come to church. In fact none of our investigators have come to church. We are teaching great people that love what we share, but then no one comes to church. And to get baptized, the investigators have to come to church at least three times. This is our challenge in this area. We have fasted the last two Sundays for this, and so far we have no one. And now we are down to the final three Sundays before the NOCHE BLANCA, meaning … if no one comes to church next week then we won’t be baptizing anyone for this incredible night. It is a little stressful but we are not losing faith.

Each day as we leave our apartment we tap our White Christmas sign that is above our door and we are trusting that if we do our part Heavenly Father will help us. To help us not lose faith we share a miracle with each that day in our nightly planning. Every day we see miracles and most of the time we don’t recognize them … so we are looking for the miracles E-V-E-R-Y D-A-Y!

We also had Zone Meeting this week to help motivate us to keep on working hard. I know that the leaders of the mission are so inspired. And I know that the leaders of this church are inspired. It is an incredible work.

Keep going strong. Don’t lose faith, and never lower your beliefs for the world. This message is true, and it is exactly what we need to be happy. There is no other way to feel real, pure joy.

Something that really touched me this week was seeing my new convert Leandro bless the sacrament for the first time. This work is real and incredible!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Off to another week!

XOXO, Hermana Shumway

My little friend ... PANCHO!

He's my little pig convert ... love that cute thing!

Zone Meeting ... me and Hermana Thomas

Zone Meeting ... me and some of the other gringa hermanas

Zone Meeting ... all of us together

Making cookies ... yummy!


A pic of my feet after ... get this ... JUST THE MORNING! This isn't at the end of a long day ... it is how they look by lunch time! #piuralife

How we decorate our room ... Christlike Attributes ... all the things we should aspire to be

Photos of all of the sister missionaries that have served in Chulucanas ... I made three new additions that show me and my comps

Look what is above our DOOR ... WHITE CHRISTMAS! A reminder as we prep for the 12 of December NOCHE BLANCA. We tap that every day as we leave ... BOOM!!!

Riding on the bus

Chilling outside at one of the local Catholic churches

AT THE ICE CREAM SHOP!!! Our second home ...

Birthday celebration of Andrea

This is Harold  ... we have a cool handshake and everything ... and he is too cool for me

Look what the Coke bottle says ... "Hermana" ... that's me!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015


Shumway Crew,

Gee Whiz Facts of the Week:

1. You know you have had a busy, tiring week when:
     - You make an egg for breakfast in the microwave and find it at night still sitting there because you forgot about it
     - Can't even sing the closing hymn in sacrament meeting because you fell asleep
     - Everything is funny ... even when it's not funny
     - You love prayers during the lessons because you get to close your eyes for at least 15 seconds

2. I am still the same Sister Shumway that spills on herself whenever I eat. I might have just happened to spill the entire mango juice we had for lunch all over my skirt ... some things never change.

3. Everyone gives us mangoes after the lessons. It's mango season and it's just the best!

4. You should all read the book "How Do I Know If I Know?" by John Bytheway ... it is incredible! It has helped me so much with my testimony!

I don't even know where to start. This week, no joke, was probably one of the happiest weeks I have ever had in my entire mission ... and it is all due to my companion Hermana Thomas. We have laughed way too much and are just thriving off of this transfer together. She is a doll and is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. We are calling this transfer "Cambio de Milagros" because we are just seeing so many miracles. I think she is my lucky charm because it has been an incredible week in our area.

To start ... we have found 12 new investigators ... and that includes a group of three sisters whose mom is member but has been inactive for years. We have just had one lesson with them, but they are darling. Their names are Nayeli, Xiomara, and Angela and they are 15, 13, and 12 years old. They listened to the missionaries before but couldn't go to church for their school. But they can now go so we are very excited for these three darling investigators!

Also, we accidentally contacted family of Raul, our 23 year old investigator. We contacted them, scheduled an appointment, and when we went to go to the appointment we found it was the same house as Raul and it was his Sister and her husband! Definitely a miracle! So now we are making it a family deal, and little by little his family is starting to listen too! Raul is still hesitant because he hasn't received an answer yet, but we told him to not give up, and to keep praying! He said he won't come to church until he receives an answer, which is a major challenge, but WE KNOW IT WILL COME! We just all have to be patient and we are praying it comes soon.

Elva, our sweet older investigator, is still going strong. She hasn't gone to church yet, which is hard, but little by little we are getting her more excited to go. She said she would be baptized, but she is scared too. Still hasn't accepted a date, but loves listening to the lessons. She says she feels different, and happier!

Our new investigator Orieta is also a doll! She is older, and lives alone because he husband passed away. Her daughter is there to help her at times, but she just feels alone. Her son actually listened to missionaries in Switzerland (crazy right?) and she wants to learn more about the church. We have taught her two lessons and she says that she knows Joseph Smith is a prophet ... and she KNOWS IT. She said she also feels happier and more at peace when we come! WE LOVE HER! Next lesson we are giving her a Book of Mormon next lesson. She fulfills all of her commitments and is so sweet!

Overall, many people are accepting the gospel right now. IT IS A MIRACLE! When I said my comp is my lucky charm it seriously is true! But honestly, these are the blessing that comes through obedience. We help each other be as obedient as we can and we are seeing miracles because of it!

Our hardest challenge is that no one is coming to church. We ask them all to come and even go and pick them up, but then no one comes. This last week we fasted that we would know how to help them come and also that we will find more investigators for the 12 of December (Noche Blanca). We went to go pick up about five families and none of them came. It was definitely hard but we aren't letting that get us down! Missionary work was never meant to be easy!

But one of the biggest miracles is that a family we have been teaching, Merliy and Fernando, came to the Noche Misional this last week! They randomly showed up, and we couldn't believe it! We were even thinking about leaving them, but never could do it because it didn't feel right. They are now starting to progress little by little and we just feel so thrilled and blessed. It is a miracle!

So this is the Cambio de Milagros! We are excited, working hard, being obedient, and letting our Heavenly Father do the rest!

This work is incredible! HERE WE GO IN A BRAND NEW WEEK!!! You are all the best, LOVE YOU and never stop being good.

XOXO, Hermana Shumway

Me showing that I am ruler ... which means you are OBEDIENT TO THE DOT. The missionaries took it and I thought it turned out cute. Ha!

My pal that just went home. ELDER VASQUEZ, probably one of the funniest people I have ever met. 

Picture with the branch president and his family

My new companion Hermana Thomas ... I just love her! Here we are at the juice place we go to almost every night. The fresh mango juice is a killer. IT IS SO GOOD!

District Meeting ENGLISH CLASS: This is what happens when you tell every Latin to each say a sentence, draw it, and we create a story in the end! It was so funny!!!

The egg ... oh man we have fun together even when we are super exhausted

Recycling the 8 feet tall Christmas tree you sent me last year ... YES THAT IS THE SAME TREE! It is our reminder of the Noche Blanca that we are doing for Christmas!



Shumway Crew,

So first off this email will cover more details that I didn't have time to talk about the past few weeks ... NO WORRIES! Sorry for my short last few emails, it's just been crazy these last few P-days.

Alrighty … so my comp Hna. More finished her mini mission. I LOVE THAT GIRL … and man she is going to be an incredible missionary! She received her mission call while she was with me and is going to open it this week. I am guessing Argentina but we'll see. AND SO I RECEIVED MY NEW COMP!! Her name is Hermana Thomas and she is darling! She is from Ogden, Utah and is from the same group of missionaries as Hermana Bryce. So she has about four months in the mission. Pretty positive she is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met. We are ready to take on Chulucanas and show them what we have got! We are very excited!

AND FINALLY ... I sent pics of Canchaque ... the darling mountain town we visited that was quite an adventure. We hiked mountains, explored the village, and ate some good ol’ food after. One of the mountains we climbed was lined with stairs that led to the tippie-top of the mountain. It was like a random, REALLY TALL, skyscraper- looking mountain in the middle of nowhere. It was incredible!!! When we got to the top we took a pic of the valley. Talk about beautiful ... oh man!!!

So as I have been stating in the last few emails, it has been very tricky with our investigators. Our area book is filled with many new investigators that after a week don’t progress and we look for new ones. Many of the investigators I have talked about we have now left. Not sure if I told you, but we are not teaching Maribel anymore. She now hides when we stop by to see how she is, and told us this just isn't going to work out. She is a now a future investigator. But I know that Heavenly Father will prepare her heart for this message ... if it's not now ... I know it will be very soon! 

But ... we have found new investigators. The sweet lady I talked about last week, named Elva, is still very interested in what we have to teach. This last week we invited her to baptism, and she told us she is very catholic and doesn't plan to change that. But as we keep on teaching her it just makes sense. She said she would pray about it. We'll keep you updated.

Also, we found a new investigator named Raul. We found him knocking doors. We had set an appointment with him, passed by, and didn't find anyone home. This last week, when many lessons didn't fall through, we passed by to see if we could find him ... and he was home! He is 23 years old, studying engineering, and his family is Catholic. As we got to know him a little bit he told us that he had the opportunity to help with the construction of a temple in Chile as part of his career ... but he doesn't know much about the church. He told us that for a long time he has wondered why there are so many churches on the earth if there is only one God, and we told him we can help him find the answer. It's found in the Restoration. We explained the lesson and he just seemed to understand everything. We got to the part about Joseph Smith and I prayed the spirit would be there. We shared what Joseph Smith experienced, "I saw a pillar of light, exactly over my head..." and then finished giving a few seconds of silence so that the spirit could testify of the truth of the message. My comp and I then shared our testimonies, saying we KNOW it's true. He told that that this is something incredible, that he has never heard of before. He said he doesn't know how it could happen. We told him that he can apply what Joseph did, and pray and ask his Heavenly Father if it´s true. He said he would do it. We invited him to church and called him the night before to remind him. He said that he had a big family meeting and couldn´t make it, but next week for sure. But I am telling you, he is an incredible investigator and definitely prepared. We want to challenge him to baptism the next lesson.

We are teaching other families, and little by little they are progressing. The only problem is NO ONE comes to church. So we have just got to help them out! But everything is going great! 

As a mission we are all preparing for the La Noche Blanca (White Night), which will be the 12 de Diciembre. As you all know, in the states during this time there is a lot of snow. But here that isn´t possible. So the thought in an idea called the Noche Blanca. This night, every missionary will bring their investigators who are ready to be baptized, and we all all meet up in the Stake Center in Piura. All dressed in WHITE, each investigator will be baptized.  It will be spectacular seeing the large amount of people making this sacred covenant with our Heavenly Father. And that will be our White Christmas Night. 

So right now we have two that are preparing for that night. A mom and her daughter, named Maria and Susanne. Maria has had interest in our message since day one, and is praying right now to know if the Book of Mormon is true. Her husband hasn't listened to us yet, but he always secretly ask her after what she learned from us in the lessons. But her daughter Susanne is difficult to find, but she is also preparing for this night. Their family is very sweet and we have been teaching them for the last few weeks.

Overall, we are busy busy and I can hardly remember what happens during the week! Time is flying, and it only goes faster as we get to work. 

Thanks for your emails and for being the cutest family on planet earth. I love hearing from you guys about all of the incredible adventures back at home. Sure miss you all and THANK YOU FOR ALL of your support! 

I know this is the work of the Lord. I want to ask you guys is strive your best to be obedient and righteous. Our Heavenly Father need valiant, faithful members in this world. 

I LOVE YOU ALL ... have an incredible week!

And put a smile on, life is wonderful.

XOXO, Hermana Shumway

Said goodbye to my trainer this last week ... Hermana Fernandez is headed home

The zone at Canchaque ... such a fun day

Walking the streets with my comp

The best missionaries play just as hard as they work ... it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

I love all of these people so much!

Being cool missionaries

Welcome to my little piece of heaven

Do I look happy ... of course I am!

How did I get so lucky?

FHE with the branch crew  and celebrating the cumpleanos of the cute little girl Teresa ... I love these people!