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Shumway Crew,

So first off this email will cover more details that I didn't have time to talk about the past few weeks ... NO WORRIES! Sorry for my short last few emails, it's just been crazy these last few P-days.

Alrighty … so my comp Hna. More finished her mini mission. I LOVE THAT GIRL … and man she is going to be an incredible missionary! She received her mission call while she was with me and is going to open it this week. I am guessing Argentina but we'll see. AND SO I RECEIVED MY NEW COMP!! Her name is Hermana Thomas and she is darling! She is from Ogden, Utah and is from the same group of missionaries as Hermana Bryce. So she has about four months in the mission. Pretty positive she is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met. We are ready to take on Chulucanas and show them what we have got! We are very excited!

AND FINALLY ... I sent pics of Canchaque ... the darling mountain town we visited that was quite an adventure. We hiked mountains, explored the village, and ate some good ol’ food after. One of the mountains we climbed was lined with stairs that led to the tippie-top of the mountain. It was like a random, REALLY TALL, skyscraper- looking mountain in the middle of nowhere. It was incredible!!! When we got to the top we took a pic of the valley. Talk about beautiful ... oh man!!!

So as I have been stating in the last few emails, it has been very tricky with our investigators. Our area book is filled with many new investigators that after a week don’t progress and we look for new ones. Many of the investigators I have talked about we have now left. Not sure if I told you, but we are not teaching Maribel anymore. She now hides when we stop by to see how she is, and told us this just isn't going to work out. She is a now a future investigator. But I know that Heavenly Father will prepare her heart for this message ... if it's not now ... I know it will be very soon! 

But ... we have found new investigators. The sweet lady I talked about last week, named Elva, is still very interested in what we have to teach. This last week we invited her to baptism, and she told us she is very catholic and doesn't plan to change that. But as we keep on teaching her it just makes sense. She said she would pray about it. We'll keep you updated.

Also, we found a new investigator named Raul. We found him knocking doors. We had set an appointment with him, passed by, and didn't find anyone home. This last week, when many lessons didn't fall through, we passed by to see if we could find him ... and he was home! He is 23 years old, studying engineering, and his family is Catholic. As we got to know him a little bit he told us that he had the opportunity to help with the construction of a temple in Chile as part of his career ... but he doesn't know much about the church. He told us that for a long time he has wondered why there are so many churches on the earth if there is only one God, and we told him we can help him find the answer. It's found in the Restoration. We explained the lesson and he just seemed to understand everything. We got to the part about Joseph Smith and I prayed the spirit would be there. We shared what Joseph Smith experienced, "I saw a pillar of light, exactly over my head..." and then finished giving a few seconds of silence so that the spirit could testify of the truth of the message. My comp and I then shared our testimonies, saying we KNOW it's true. He told that that this is something incredible, that he has never heard of before. He said he doesn't know how it could happen. We told him that he can apply what Joseph did, and pray and ask his Heavenly Father if it´s true. He said he would do it. We invited him to church and called him the night before to remind him. He said that he had a big family meeting and couldn´t make it, but next week for sure. But I am telling you, he is an incredible investigator and definitely prepared. We want to challenge him to baptism the next lesson.

We are teaching other families, and little by little they are progressing. The only problem is NO ONE comes to church. So we have just got to help them out! But everything is going great! 

As a mission we are all preparing for the La Noche Blanca (White Night), which will be the 12 de Diciembre. As you all know, in the states during this time there is a lot of snow. But here that isn´t possible. So the thought in an idea called the Noche Blanca. This night, every missionary will bring their investigators who are ready to be baptized, and we all all meet up in the Stake Center in Piura. All dressed in WHITE, each investigator will be baptized.  It will be spectacular seeing the large amount of people making this sacred covenant with our Heavenly Father. And that will be our White Christmas Night. 

So right now we have two that are preparing for that night. A mom and her daughter, named Maria and Susanne. Maria has had interest in our message since day one, and is praying right now to know if the Book of Mormon is true. Her husband hasn't listened to us yet, but he always secretly ask her after what she learned from us in the lessons. But her daughter Susanne is difficult to find, but she is also preparing for this night. Their family is very sweet and we have been teaching them for the last few weeks.

Overall, we are busy busy and I can hardly remember what happens during the week! Time is flying, and it only goes faster as we get to work. 

Thanks for your emails and for being the cutest family on planet earth. I love hearing from you guys about all of the incredible adventures back at home. Sure miss you all and THANK YOU FOR ALL of your support! 

I know this is the work of the Lord. I want to ask you guys is strive your best to be obedient and righteous. Our Heavenly Father need valiant, faithful members in this world. 

I LOVE YOU ALL ... have an incredible week!

And put a smile on, life is wonderful.

XOXO, Hermana Shumway

Said goodbye to my trainer this last week ... Hermana Fernandez is headed home

The zone at Canchaque ... such a fun day

Walking the streets with my comp

The best missionaries play just as hard as they work ... it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

I love all of these people so much!

Being cool missionaries

Welcome to my little piece of heaven

Do I look happy ... of course I am!

How did I get so lucky?

FHE with the branch crew  and celebrating the cumpleanos of the cute little girl Teresa ... I love these people!

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