Monday, November 30, 2015


Shumway Crew,

TURKEY BOWL TIME!! Happy to hear that the Juster Buster got a touchdown. Atta boy! Bet you were pretty proud of the hubs Em! You are all just the cutest! All looking super great! Hope you all ate a whole lot of American food for me and loads of pumpkin pie. Let’s just say that yummy stuff was very missed … but my comp and I tried to make up for it by buying a pizza. Always nice to remember America for a bit.

Gee Whiz Facts - 

1. Apparently I slept talked in Spanish this last week. Cool right!

2. A random drunk guy walked up to us as we were knocking doors last night. All he said was “I am drunk.”

3. We had a baptism this last week of a little 8 year old kid. They called us at 5:30 in the afternoon telling us that there will be a baptism at 6:30. SO RANDOM! They said it was a last minute decision. So we ran to the chapel, filled buckets and buckets up of water to fill the font, cleaned the whole chapel, and my comp and I prepared two talks for the baptism. So last minute but such a great adventure. That’s just kind of how things roll here. His parents are members so it wasn’t a baptism of ours, but good thing we can do things on the spot.


I just wanted to start by sharing an experience I learned about this last Sunday. So this last Sunday was our Primary Program. It was adorable, and filled with funny moments but what impacted me the most was learning the story of little 10 year old David that directed the program. He is a convert to the branch, and is the only member of his family. He listened to the lessons of the missionaries and wanted to be baptized. Of course he is just a little guy so it was quite a process but he was able to be baptized and has been an active member ever since. He walks to church alone every week, with his huge backpack that barely fits him, shirt and tie. He loves the church activities and most of the time shows up alone. He likes to share his testimony on Fast Sundays and is literally my hero. He is 10 YEARS OLD. That is a true follower of Christ. I feel like so often we make up excuses that life is too hard and then I think of David. This little guy is set on going on a mission when he is older. Talk about an example.

So yes the Primary Program was darling. Always a joy! Also, we had a ward activity this last week that turned out really great! Not a whole lot of people came, but the youth that presented the dances did a great job! Familia Crisanto showed up! It was a miracle! They said they loved it and want to come to the next Noche Misional! They only tricky part is they never come to church … but poco a poco!

We ended up leaving our sweet Orieta this last week. She ended up telling us that she isn’t into this anymore and will let us know when we can pass by again. It was a major blow, and we honestly have no idea what happened, but maybe she just needs a break for right now! 

Rosa is doing superb. She didn’t come to church again for work, BUT she is loving the lessons and is pretty much set on getting baptized. THE only thing is this last week she let us know that she will be moving in January to Chile to live with her mother-n-law. But, she told us that she wants to keep the lessons going and would love to get baptized before. They just aren’t married so we have to get them married before her baptism. She said she would talk to her husband about it. She asked us that if she did move to Chile she wants us to pass her information to the missionaries there. And the great thing is I have many friends serving there so maybe she will be in their area! You never know!

Roxana is doing wonderfully! She is just getting started in her Book of Mormon and loves it. Her mom Elva is not as interested for the moment but Roxana is going strong. She said that she would love to be baptized but is just waiting for an answer! She is praying, reading, and wants to come to church this next Sunday! Her kids are slowly starting to listen to us now. They like when we sing hymns … haha! But they are cute!

Overall everything is good here in Chulu! Transfers are coming up am I am positive that I am getting transferred. I have 6 months here in Chulucanas and usually you get transferred at that mark. It has sure been an adventure! We are working hard to strengthen this branch and I hope I leave it better then I found it!

I love this work! I love you all! I know this church is true! It is the most incredible thing in the world. 

Keep on keeping on and choose the right!!!

Hermana Shumway


It was so yummy!

And another pic of me sleeping - this is a typical occurrence

Cleaning the chapel after the activity we had on Friday … our ward mission leader is hilarious!

The famous Eva – she doesn’t like pics

One of the missionaries that is going home this transfer ... Hermana Workman

Food for the birthday of Hermana Nelly – the Peruvian version barbecue

The typical hairless Peruvian dog ... it did not like me so I had to chase it down

A random little girl wanted a pic with me by the tiki man we found. She was so cute! I gave her my saltine crackers.

Our tiki poses

Me and the comp ... she is just the greatest!!!

PDAY selfie in a combi. A combi is a big van that we travel in big groups to get anywhere. It is so ghetto but it is just the best!

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