Monday, August 31, 2015


Shum Familia,

This week was so incredible. To start … WE HAVE A BAPTISM HIS WEEK!! Leandro is going to do it! He has turned his life completely around to take this next step. Yesterday he had his baptismal interview with our District Leader and when they came out he was just beaming … and later my District Leader told me he is definitely ready for this. Honestly, it is hard for me to express to all of you how much this baptism means. We have witnessed the whole process from start to finish … and seeing that he has reached his goal has just been the most incredible thing! I am just so thankful for the chance I have to be a part of it.

Leandro has been living with his less-active wife Andrea for the last few years. They have a little girl named Aixa who is 4 years old. About 1-1/2 years ago his wife asked if would try listening to the missionaries. He tried it out and after a few lessons they ended up leaving him as an investigator because he wasn’t progressing and had no desire to change. Fast forward to that one P-day we were walking down the street and a moto pulled up, with Leandro crying and asking for help. And now he will be baptized the 5 of September, will marry in October, and has plans to get married in the temple one year later. He is a miracle investigator. We are thrilled to bring his family together and I just can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. This is what makes this work so worth it. You see people change and find their own testimony of their Savior. And when it is a family coming together after so many challenges, it makes it even more worth it! I’ll send you pics next week!!!

This last week we had our meeting with Elder Bednar. His wife came with him and all of the missionaries in our mission joined together. The meeting was so powerful and inspired and I honestly tried to record every bit of it in my journal that night. But it was a different type of meeting. He taught us by asking us questions about what we learned from the talks he sent us and then giving us the time to ask him any questions! He told us NOT TO take notes because he told us that if he wanted us to take notes he would have sent us an email with the talk and not have traveled all the way to Peru to speak to us. He said it is more important, in any meeting, to remember what the spirit testifies to you, and we might miss out on that if we focus more on taking notes than listening. And it was so true! I felt like I learned more than I have ever learned before. The spirit was so strong in the meeting. I don’t have time to write everything he shared but here are a few highlights:

1. BE HAPPY AND SMILE! He told us that the gospel is called the Plan of Happiness and we should show that we believe it by how we act! We have the most incredible message and something that is so special and others should see that in us! So SMILE and be HAPPY!!!

2. Question Time - Someone asked the wife of Elder Bednar what it was like being married to an apostle. Her response is what hit me the most in the meeting. She said that it isn’t easy, and that maybe (she teared up at this point) she even doubted if she could do it when they received the call. BUT, she said, it has helped me understand how important the atonement is in my life, and that my Savior is so real. She related it to us as missionaries, and just anyone in this world, that we may pass through hard times, or feel like we just can’t do it. But with the Atonement, anything is possible. I can’t explain all the details but just her words and the spirit was so powerful. 

3. We should not get in the way of the Spirit. That is the true teacher and we need to let it teach and guide us in every moment.

Elder Bednar and his wife just glowed. His wife had the most beautiful smile and was so humble and sweet. I just felt happy when I saw her smile! It was just such a special meeting!

This week we found two families, and we still don’t know if they have a lot of interest, but we are praying a lot to help them feel the spirit and the truthfulness in this message! 

My time is just about out, so just know that I love you all!! Smile and BE HAPPY! We are a part of the Plan of Happiness … THERE IS HOPE AND JOY in this message that we bring to the world!!!

I know that the Prophet and Apostles are true servants of the Lord. I truly witnessed that this week. 

Do what is right in every single moment!

XOXO, Hermana Shumway

Just taking a pic on a random building

Me and my comp

Found my trainer Hmna. Fernandez and she is training the girl on the right ... and then me with my daughter - FAMILY REUNION!

Me and my group from the CCM

Found some members from my first ward!

P-Day with the Prez and Sister Rasmussen ... they surprised us and came to Chulucanas!

My comp and I with Sister Rasmussen

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Shumway Familia!

Oh man ... so where do I even start this week? Let me just say ... IT HAS BEEN NUTS!

Here's the Gee Whiz Facts of the week:

1. So my comp and I have become quite the fans of making pancakes. It reminds us of good ' ole America! But the sad part it is that for some reason we burn every single one of them. No joke. Every single one of them! We even asked for a new pan to cook on to see if that would change it. Nope ... they still burn. And the saddest part is as I am writing this it that doesn't even sound funny... hahaha

2. WHAT THE MANGO? Okay ... so my comp and I knocked on the door of a cute family this week. They invited us in and we started teaching them a lesson. For some reason we started talking about mangoes and she asked us if we had tried some type of popular mango thing. I thought to myself, "Well, it has the name of mango in it ... SO WHY NOT?" She went to go grab us some and came back with a big black mush in a cup. First, it freaked us out that it was black and we couldn't find the mango part. Let's just say we ended up not eating it. I need to learn more Spanish ...

3. My clothes have started ripping. The almost one year worth of wearing my clothes on my mission is catching up to me! But every shirt and every skirt have been full of a lot of memories ... so I can't even throw them away. Hahaha ... but the one year of wearing them has been worth every minute!

4. We have been prepping for Elder Bednar visiting because he comes this week to our mission! WOOT WOOT!!!

5. We went the extra mile this last Sunday and went to pick up three families for church. THREE FAMILIES!!! And the sad part is none of them could come. But maybe next week, right?! It always helps to be positive.

We have just been going and going this week. The best part is coming home at night tired. You feel like you did your best and then you prep for the next day! Man the mission is the best and every day is worth it!!! The only bad part is I think it is catching up to me and I am getting a little cold. 

So we were supposed to have a baptism this last week with our investigator Aniy. We are still teaching her but her mom has had health problems lately so it has been hard to find her in her house. So we ended up changing her baptismal date to 20 de Septiembre. She is reading her Book of Mormon and we actually ended up teaching her son and passing him on as a reference to the sisters that live in his area. He has a lot of interest and maybe we can end up converting the whole family! Anything is possible right?

Leandro is doing great! He is still set on getting baptized the 5 of September. And they have a goal to get married in Octubre. I should be here for both of those dates! He comes to church, reads his Book of Mormon, is doing EVERYTHING he needs to right now, and just has a glow about him. And this week I just realized how grateful I am for where he is at. He has completely changed and that is what makes the mission worth it! He is just incredible.

Many of the new investigators that we have found don't really have interest anymore. Every week I feel like I have mentioned a new person we found and then after a week they lose interest. That can be a huge bummer when they don't want to listen anymore. And one day this week everything just seemed to happen a bunch and everything seemed to go wrong. We got rejected in every one of our appointments. Definitely wasn't the best day for us and finally we just decided to sit down and talk things through. We decided we need to change our attitude. We went from being super bummed to being more positive and missionaries with MORE FAITH. And you know what, after we changed our attitude, everything changed. We went to knock doors and many of the people were INCREDIBLY willing to listen to us. We found great contacts and we just started seeing miracles. Our official new phrase now is: LIFE IS GOOD. It makes the difference when you are more positive!!!

And when the hard times come ... and they do ... we say that phrase and try to change our attitude. It sure makes a difference. 

We even found a new investigator named Monica. It was one of the doors we knocked and an older lady answered the door. She invited us in and said, "Uno momento" and went to grab her niece. We didn't understand why she did this ... but when her niece came in we shared a message with her, got to know her a little bit, and found out that she needed us in this very moment. She ended the lesson by telling us just that. It was a miracle. She told us it was like a wake up call for her and her family and she would love to hear more. She asked us when we could come back and we have our next appointment tomorrow. 

It hasn't been the most perfect week, but hey ... we sure learned a lot. And that is what the mission is for. It´s our chance to learn and grow! 

The lesson I learned this week is LIFE IS GOOD. And our attitude makes all the difference. It doesn't matter the situation, as long as we show more faith and are happier with where we are at, everything gets better.

I know that our Heavenly Father looks out for us. I know that he has a perfect plan and he is fighting to help and strengthen us as his imperfect sons and daughters. He loves us ... I KNOW IT! I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father and I am also thankful for the power of prayer. 

The mission is just the best. It definitely is not easy and is full of hard times. But ... there are so many more happier times that it makes it all worth it!

Keep on keeping on this week. Do what is right. And ... BE POSITIVE!!! Your whole world changes when you are. 

Love you all so stinking much! Keep being incredible!

XOXO, Hermana Shumway

I love it here ... wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world right now

Me and Hmna. Bryce with some cute little amigos

Eating lunch and enjoying some delicious watermelon

Along the path to one of my favorite waterfalls that I have sent pictures of before

We did it!

One of my favorite places to be ... so pretty!

Getting soaked under the waterfall!

There was a man riding a donkey that decided to head up the mountain today too!

I love this place!!!

Ending our P-day with a big plate of rice! Classic!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015


Shumway Familia!

Well, I am officially training and man I am not sure if I am doing this right … but I am loving it!! 

My new comp is … dudududu … A GRINGA! I could not believe it when they called my name to be her comp! I have never seen two gringas together … but we are having the time of our lives. Her name is Hermana Bryce. She is from Arizona and does not know any Spanish ... which is perfect because I can let her know that I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND how she feels. It was a struggle for me but the language comes! She is a sweetie and is already an incredible missionary. She also brought stickers for the kids (our moms are geniuses) and loves our area already. I just love her!

So the first half of my week was spent in training and so we only had a few days here in Chulucanas. But the big news of the week is Leandro is getting married. He and his girlfriend worked things out and they have a goal to get married after his baptism and then to get married in the temple one year after. Talk about a miracle. I told him that I know this decision is going to bless his life and his Heavenly Father is blessing him for his faith and obedience. He is still reading his Book of Mormon and just has a light about him now. If I could only show you all the difference from when we first met him to now you wouldn’t even believe it. We are thrilled for him!!!

We also found a new investigator! She is named Kiara. We actually found her by accident because we were looking for a less-active family and thought they lived in her house, but ended up finding her. She is 18 years old, and the cutest thing on planet earth! It was my first lesson without a Latin companion and I was just praying that I would understand everything she said … and I was able to do it. We got to know Kiara a little bit and she told us that her family are really religious and she has a really strong testimony of her Savior. But then she started tearing up and told us that her Grandma passed away one month ago and that that has been a struggle for her and her faith. We told her that we know that we can see our family again after this life. Me and my comp testified of the Plan of our Heavenly Father and then we scheduled another appointment to explain a little more about what we believe. She is pretty incredible and I will let you know how our appointment goes with her this week!

Also, I just want you all to know that this week we have seen so many fruits from our labors. With my last comp we were trying and trying to help many less-actives come to church and they never came. But this week, THEY CAME. About 3 families, that before never came. It was such a blessing. Also, a few youth are starting to come to church too!

Honestly, I could not be more thankful to be a missionary. As I have been training a missionary I have felt so much more love for this work. I just get to help her realize that she has gotten into the best 18 months of her life and she is not going to regret it. I love this work and I can’t believe that I am coming up to my one-year mark. This is going too fast ... and the truth is I don’t want it to end. It is incredible seeing how it change lives … especially with our investigator Leandro. We have a message that is needed by every person on this earth.

I have to go now ... but I love you all!! Have an incredible week and do what's right!!

I am a Mormon ... AND I LOVE IT!!

XOXO, Hermana Shumway

My daughter Hmna. Bryce

She is a sweetie!

The new companionship with President Rasmussen and his wife

Missionary work is the best!

Our first moto ride together

Free ice cream given to us by an investigator

Some cute little kids that I teach

Sunset in Chulucanas ... oh how I love this area!

Monday, August 10, 2015



Alrighty … so the big announcement of the week is... DUDUDUDU.... we had transfers and I am GOING TO TRAIN this next transfer!!! I am sooooo stoked and can’t wait to get to know my hija! I don’t know who it is yet, because they fly in tomorrow and then on Wednesday we have our big meeting with everyone and will receive our comps! BUT OH MAN … when I heard the news I just about died of joy! I will send you pics next week of the sweet thing that I am going to train. 

Here are this week’s Gee Whiz Facts:

1. We had a Reunion de Distrito and my task was to bring pancakes to celebrate our last meeting! The funny part is I ended up burning every one of the pancakes. Oh Sister Shumway... but it was pretty hilarious so it ended being a great story! We tried to cover it up with the French toast. But my district was so nice and they ate every last pancake. BEST DISTRICT IN THE WORLD!

2. I ate a Turtle... by accident. Remember when I went to the house of Hna. Juarez for her uncle that passed away? Yah … so they gave us food for our lunch and it looked a little sketchy but I still ate it because the food at times looks weird but tastes so good! AND ... I found out one week later that it was a turtle. Definitely did not look like a turtle. But hey, it was an adventure!

3. My new name for all of the Primary children of the ward is Hna. Sandwich. They decided it was too hard to say Hna. Shumway and have officially given me my new name! Whatever works right? Hahaha


So a few weeks ago you asked me about the youth of the ward. We now have one young women that is coming! Better than none, right? And I am working on getting more to come! We have a few ideas of activities! I’ll keep you updated!

Leandro continues to be such an incredible investigator and came to church AGAIN! He told us this week that he had a dream that he got baptized, with two other people he didn’t know. He is set on his baptism and is fulfilling every one of his commitments. He doesn’t drink, smoke, and has left his bad habits in his past, and can´t wait for his baptism! 5 de Septiembre is the day!! Honestly he is a major blessing for us. 

We couldn’t find many of our investigators this week! We looked for Miguel, and called him, and hoped he would come to church but he never showed up. His family tells us he isn’t home so I am scared we have lost him and he doesn’t want to listen anymore. But I gotta have faith right?? We are going to try again this week! Fingers crossed that we can find him!

The biggest challenge for us right now is the branch. There is a lot of contention between members and the Presidente del Estaca came to our branch Sunday and told us that if we don’t increase our numbers of people assisting church they are going to have to shut down our branch and area. BROKE MY HEART! But the thing is my new hija and I are going to give these next few months our all because we cannot let that happen! I know that with a lot of prayer, faith, and diligence we can get this branch filled with members. At one point it was almost a ward but then the numbers decreased. I hope to get it back to that point! 

Something funny is yesterday one of the members told me after the lesson that she understood me talking Spanish in the lesson. It was hilarious! I asked, "So you haven’t understood me this whole time?", and she told me nope! #spanishprobs #somedayiwilllearnthislanguage Hahaha … so I guess that all of those conversations when she was nodding her head and saying "Si, si" it meant that she really has no idea what I am saying! 

Overall, it’s been a good week! Sorry there isn’t much new information! I am doing great, I am SO EXCITED to train, and I am hoping that we get working hard and can change this branch around. I just want you to know that the members are such an important key to this work! We have to work as one … the members and missionaries … and this teamwork brings miracles! 

I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am so incredibly grateful for his atonement. Honestly I feel so inadequate to be training a new missionary, but I know that with faith and my Savior and Heavenly Father I can absolutely do anything (Alma 26:12)! LOVE YOU ALL and have an incredible week!

Serve, strengthen, and uplift those around you! And never forget how loved you all our by your Heavenly Father!

XOXO, Hermana Shumway 

Pancakes ... and the feast we had for our District Meeting!

My District ... they are just great!

The Primary children and Sister Shumway ... you can see how cute and little my compii is (This pic is definitely not the prettiest with the sun beaming in our eyes, but I thought you would like to see our Primary!) 

Monday, August 3, 2015


Hey Shumway Fam,

McKay – So happy to hear that EFY was the greatest!!! Send me pics if you have time! I just absolutely love you champ!!! Man I just love you all! This week I thought a lot about how lucky I am to have my family and for all that you do! Thanks for the support guys! Hope your week was just GREAT! And the SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL – Mom and Dad that is so cool you are going! 

So here are some Gee Whiz Facts for you all:

1. It is Watermelon Season here in sweet ol´ Chulucanas. Meaning … WE EAT IT ALL THE TIME. And it is so fresh and delicious!

2. HAPPY DIA DE PERU!! Peru completed, oh man I forgot ... A LOT of years of Independencia this week! It was fun to see all of the flags, a few firework shows that began as we walked back to our apartment after a day of work, and wearing my PERU PIN (it´s super cool if you have this pin on your shirt for the week), and overall it was just a great week! TE AMO PERU!!!

3. Um. I guess a cool fact is I learned don´t know squat about Soccer/Futbol. But everyone here is incredible at playing. My goal is to learn that sport someday. Hopefully I can come home playing like a pro - anything is possible right?

4. Elder Bednar is going to come speak to us in a few weeks! I can´t wait!! We are all going to travel to Chiclayo - a town close to Piura to hear him!

This week was a little bit different than other weeks. A family member of my comp passed away, and man I just want you all to know that she is so strong. She is from a city in our mission (it´s called Paita) and so we got permission to go and be with her family for the ceremony. It was a treasure getting to know all of her family. They aren´t members, and it broke my heart seeing how they just didn´t know if they would see her family member again. We are so blessed to have the gospel and the Plan of Salvation. And even more blessed that we know that this life on earth is just a little part of an even bigger plan of our Heavenly Father. We have the incredible opportunity to see our loved ones again. It opened my eyes to how blessed we really are. Also, I got to participate in the walking ceremony. It is a tradition here to walk from your house to the cemetery - following the car carrying the casket. I got sunburned from the walk, but loved being able to participate in this ceremony. My comp is doing okay right now and I just love her to pieces. She is a strong little fighter!

This week Leandro, our investigator, came to church again! And he is reading his new Book of Mormon! Already has reached Chapter 3, and he just received it! He is praying to know if it is true, and told us that he has felt more peace and joy in these last few weeks, then he had ever felt before. He is trying to work out his family problems, but told us that if nothing seems to work out, he is doing this for his daughter (who is 4 years old). He wants to be an example for her. Honestly, he is just such a blessing and keeps progressing!

Miguel, another investigator, has a lot of questions for us right now. He is also just starting the lessons and received his Book of Mormon the last lesson, but man, it can be tricky at times with him. He is so willing to learn, but the last lesson we taught about Joseph Smith and he has A LOT of questions. After attempting to explain a little bit more about Joseph Smith and the prophets, I decided that all I could do is bear my testimony. And that´s what I did! I told him that we may not have all the answers, but there is someone who does! His Heavenly Father! I told him that I know without a doubt that prayer is real, and that his Heavenly Father will answer his prayers. We are trying to help him strengthen his testimony in God, but I am praying he receives an answer. He feels it´s true, but it is just hard because his family is really catholic! We have another lesson with him this week. 

Also, you remember that Talent night we had! Well - we invited a dancing group to perform, and we are now teaching a family of one of the dancers! We amazingly ran in to him and his Dad the other day as we left a lesson and he told us he would love to learn more about the church! We have a lesson with them this week!

Overall, it was a good week! We are working hard, knocking doors, and finding new investigators! And getting to know new areas too! Our area is soooooooo big! LIKE HUGE! But it just means more people to teach, right?

I love this work! I love each and every one of you!

Keep doing what’s right, and have the most incredible week!

Always in my prayers,

XOXO Hermana Shumway

This week we celebrated Independence Day for Peru! I wore a little pin that everyone wears during the week that says, "Te amo Peru" ... and there were flags everywhere!

A beautiful sunset ... every night they are just incredible

My pencionista Hmna. Monica

Watermelon season is here ... they are so fresh and delicious

We eat these every day and they are so great!

Me and my pal Dilan

Traveling in the bus for P-Day

My compii is just adorable

Having some fun playing cards ... Uno ... with my zone

Eating empenadas ... they are ssooooo yummy!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015


(EMAIL SENT JULY 27, 2015)


Sounds like you are all just doing superb! McKay - have the greatest time at EFY! Such an incredible time to strengthen your testimony and to feel the spirit. Those weeks meant a lot to me when I was your age! Make the best of it! And Mom and Dad - you two are just doing the most incredible job with your work. Mom - I will make sure to say an extra few prayers for you and your meeting! I just know you are going to do an incredible job. Dad - Sounds like everything is going great at work! Love you two to pieces!

Also, our Mission Presidents wife Sister Rasmussen has a mission blog page. I think it is called The Piura Life. Or something like that. You should check it out and see if there is anything interesting about the mission on it!

You know how I mentioned how my comp was sick last week. Well little Hermanita CHUMway has been sick these last few days. Looks like I might have a stomach infection and I think I just ate something bad! Looking at the positive side - I have been super blessed my whole mission and I am never sick … and the GRINGOS are ALWAYS sick. The great thing is I remembered all of the sick day tips you taught me mom … I have been eating saltine crackers, and drinking lots of water. Hahaha – it’s an adventure every week here in PIURA. 

So I titled this email A WEEK OF MIRACLES, and can I just say that it truly has been just that. This week, and last week, my comp and I have not been feeling too great, and that is rough for me because I just want to go, go, go, and teach and share this incredible message, and we have not been able to do that as much these last few weeks. I prayed and prayed that we wouldn’t lose chances of finding investigators, and that Heavenly Father would help us. And I want you all to know that he truly answers prayers. It all started when we left to an appointment Monday night. We were walking down the street and a moto taxi slowly pulled up next to us. I grabbed my bag, thinking we might get robbed (oh Sister Shumway...), and then realized that I should just offer him an image of Jesus Christ just to play it safe. As I was doing that I realized that it was the husband of the one of the members of our branch. His name is Leandro. He told us he needed to share something with us to get some help, and has been searching all day for us. We invited him into a member’s house and we got talking about all that had happened. He had passed through a lot of family problems in the last few days and decided that he needs to change, and realized that the gospel is the only thing that can help him now. I literally couldn’t even believe it. He never wanted to listen to us before, and after a few things happened, he now has such a desire to change. We have taught him 3 lessons since that day and he has accepted a baptismal invitation, and he came to church this last Sunday! It was a miracle.

Our other two investigators came from a reference from missionaries in another area and the other from a member. And every single one of them are incredible and have passed through family problems and want to change their lives around. 

I don’t even know if I explained that well enough, but I just want you all to know that when we pray to our Heavenly Father, he truly answers prayers. I have seen the Lord hand in this work so much this week, and it was when we most needed it. These 3 new investigators are truly such a blessing!

Also, our Talent Night was a hit!! About 60 members came - less-actives, members, and investigators! It was incredible. Many members danced because that is one thing they are known for (and man they sure are good at it), including the primary. It was just too cute. I took a few pics and videos! Even us missionaries presented a sketch. It was really embarrassing, but pretty hilarious and I realized I CANNOT ACT IN SPANISH! But we made the members laugh so that was great.

We had a busy week and we are excited to get going a little bit faster this next week when we are feeling better! But overall, everything is going incredibly well here in Chulucanas. I love the branch, members, and this area. At times I just can’t believe that I am here in Peru as a missionary. It still hits me at times how amazing this chance is. 

I wanted to share a picture of Abinadi (honestly, I have no idea how to spell his name in English, sorry!), that hangs in front of my study desk. I love this pic - BLESSED FOR THE EXAMPLE. I am beginning to read his story in the Book of Mormon again and I just love and am so extremely grateful for his example. At times we have so much fear to be different then the world, and to stand up for what we believe, but then we can just think of Abinadi. He truly was an example, and had NO FEAR.

We have such a powerful, and needed message in this world. Share it with everyone you know, and live what you believe. BE AN EXAMPLE.

Thank you for all of your support, have an incredible week, and I love you all!

Hermana Shumway

Abinadi picture

Photo of our district ... best shot we could get with the rascals in the back. Oh elders.

We had a one day transfer with our sister leaders and look where I got picked to go??? My old area PIURA CENTRAL! Woohoo! Got to stop by and visit Hna. Reina – Family Cordova

I ate these delicious hamburgers that are in the front of our room with this Argentina Guy that was one of my best pals in Piura Central. His burgers are the BEST!!!

Our sweet little chapel where we have sacrament meeting

Branch Talent Night

Look at these darling little girls ... I love them!


(EMAIL SENT JULY 20 , 2015)


Primary Teachers!! That is the best calling in the world! Those little kids are sure lucky to have you two as their teachers! 

Okay so I have to let you know about the Gee Whiz Facts of the Week. They are just too great!

1. Five days without water. 5 DAYS!!! Just imagine that for a sec ... and I hope you understand how nuts that is. We ended showering with a little soup sized bowl of our drinking water (our invention after four days of not showering) ... but it seriously just got to be hilarious after awhile. And it was all throughout Chulucanas. Hahaha - I have never been more grateful to have a cold shower in my life when it finally started working again.

2. We spent half of the week in the Clinic. My sweet comp has had a lot of health problems. We ended traveling back and forth to Piura (one hour bus ride) about three times. But have no fear she is doing a lot better now!

3. First Interview with President Rasmussen was this week - I just love them so much! Sister Rasmussen is a sweetheart and I think she added you and I as friends on Facebook Mom! They are both just so hilarious and super spunky. 

Overall, it was a good week! We challenged one of our new investigators to baptism. Her name is Aniy and we contacted her in the street my first week here. She is an angel, and is about 40 years old and lives alone. One of her sons is a member of the church, and she hasn't heard a lot from him about the church, but is excited to learn more. Our last lesson (2nd Lesson with her) she was asking us a lot about baptism, and told us that if she feels its true, she is very willing to be baptized. We set a date - 30 de Agosto - and she is set on it! Now we just have 9 more investigators to go with a baptismal date! We can do it!

Also, we have been knocking a lot of doors lately. Our area is HUGE and we are trying to get to know it all. Side note - I don't think sunblock works here because I seem to be sunburned everyday (but don't worry, just a little bit). We have found new investigators and even families! At times in can be hard because a bunch of people tell us no, but I have learned to just smile and try the next door, and the next, and the next. When I first got in the mission it broke my heart when the people told us no, but now I just think, "I just planted a seed!" and we keep on going! It's amazing what the mission teaches you!

In the morning I was reading a quote from Cheryl Esplin in the last General Conference and I wanted to share it with you all: "Many of us have been baptized and have received the gift of the Holy Ghost, whose role is to reveal and to teach the truth of all things. With the privilege of that gift comes the responsibility to seek truth, to live the truth we know, and to share and defend the truth."

I love that! As members of the church, we have the responsibility to Seek Truth, Live the Truth, and Share and Defend the Truth. My new phrase for this week! Seek. Live. Share. Defend. All that I believe. 

I love you all and hope you all have an incredible week! I have to go but thank you for everything you all do! This gospel really is so incredible.

Hermana Shumway

I took a little pic so you can see what my new area looks like. Check out the motos and the flag of Peru – I love this place!



Hola Familia! 

Alrighty, so I loved your pics from 4th of JULY!!! Looks like you guys had a blast, and love that you went with sweet Lizzie. Tell the McCleskey clan HEY from Sister CHUMway! And Aunt Shareen and her adorable family!!! And Grandpa and Grandma. Talk about a good looking group of people!!

This week started out with a bang! My first day in this area, we got called by our zone leaders that we were invited to help with a service project with AMERICAN doctors that were donating glasses to a pueblo that live in the mountains. OKAY ... I just about died!! I have always wanted to do something like that! So we headed out early in the morning and met up in town hall in a tiny town in the mountains. A huge line of people waited outside as we entered, and we received our tasks and got to work! So many glasses were donated and I helped translate for the group. I sent a few pics to show me at work but it was literally a DREAM. I need to do something like this when I get back! I don´t know how the missionaries got lucky enough to help out, but it was so incredible seeing how happy the people were to get glasses. This project included children and adults. It was just the best!

Okay, so the first things about Chulucanas is... my area is HUGE!! Oh man it´s big. But it is so cute. The town for some reason reminds me of the town on the Hidden Valley Ranch bottles - but I just feel like we are cute little group of people that are hidden from all the troubles in the world. And we are surrounded by EL CAMPO. A bunch of fields where they grow mangoes and limes. We are about one hour out of Piura so we have to travel to all of our meetings in Piura in a bus, packed with people. It's an adventure. 

Our pencionista is the cutest. She is a new pencionista and is young and super energetic. WE LOVE HER! Her son Dylan is my new best friend! He is about 6 years old, loves teaching me how to make crafts, draw transformers, and reminds me of my sweet little Ashton boys! He pretty much talks to me our entire lunch about superheroes and anything that comes to his mind. Hahaha - It is so great!

We don't belong to a ward, but have a branch. It is just a cute little chapel, and this last Fast Sunday only about 30 members came to church. And ... I BORE MY TESTIMONY IN SPANISH!!! That was a huge step for me because I have always been scared that the people wouldn't understand me fully, but this last Sunday I went for it!! Maybe only about 30 people were listening, but hey, I did it! Ha!

I don't really remember who are our investigators, and who were the less actives that we taught this week and their names (yup, still trying to get to know the area!) but I all I can say is we are teaching a lot of investigators right now. The only things is when I went though our area book for the first time I saw that no one, of the 10 investigators we had, has a baptismal date! I have learned in my mission that we can teach a bunch of people during the week, but if we never challenge them to baptism, we will never see progress. SO ... this next week, I talked with my comp and we are challenging everyone of our investigators to baptism, and placing a date! It's like Parker taught me from his Preach my Gospel from his mission ... we have gotta "JUST DO IT". So we are going for it! 

I love my area, my comp, and feel blessed to be here! The only sad news is they might shut our area down. They told us this last week. This means that they will take out the missionaries and the members here will have to travel to Piura for their church meetings. But, I am determined to do all I can so that that doesn't happen. I KNOW that there are people in this area that are ready to hear the gospel and that we CAN find them! It is going to be a little tricky, take some work, but I know we can do it! 

Side fact, my shower water in the morning was like a warm-cold (usually is just cold-cold). It freaked me out a little. Hahaha - I haven't had a warm shower in 10 months! Just thought that was a cool fact to share. 

Overall we are doing great! Oh another great fact - GRABIEL is getting baptized this week!!! I hope we get permission to go, but if not, I am absolutely thrilled for him! I just barely missed his baptism, but I feel so blessed knowing that we found him, and that I could see all of his progress. This work is just incredible, and it is all worth it when you get to see the people you love enter the waters of baptism! 

I know this is the work of our Heavenly Father! We can't do it without him! I KNOW, I absolutely do, that this church is true. We have something so incredible in our lives, and we should share it with the whole world!

I LOVE YOU ALL ... have an incredible week!!

Love everyone, serve every day, and trust in your Heavenly Father.

XOXO, Hermanita CHUMway

P.S. Elder Russell is my Zone Leader! Cool right?!! This is his last transfer. 

My wish came true ... I got to be a translator!

Me with two of the sweet little girls that got new glasses

The group of Americans who came and the missionaries

The missionaries!

Having fun – my pal Elder Ayala was there (he was one of the Wise Men during our Christmas celebration! Love that champ!!!

Our zone Meeting – sorry the pic is horrible

My pal Dylan ... our pencionista's son

Food we ate on P-day – it was ssooooo good!