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Alrighty … so the big announcement of the week is... DUDUDUDU.... we had transfers and I am GOING TO TRAIN this next transfer!!! I am sooooo stoked and can’t wait to get to know my hija! I don’t know who it is yet, because they fly in tomorrow and then on Wednesday we have our big meeting with everyone and will receive our comps! BUT OH MAN … when I heard the news I just about died of joy! I will send you pics next week of the sweet thing that I am going to train. 

Here are this week’s Gee Whiz Facts:

1. We had a Reunion de Distrito and my task was to bring pancakes to celebrate our last meeting! The funny part is I ended up burning every one of the pancakes. Oh Sister Shumway... but it was pretty hilarious so it ended being a great story! We tried to cover it up with the French toast. But my district was so nice and they ate every last pancake. BEST DISTRICT IN THE WORLD!

2. I ate a Turtle... by accident. Remember when I went to the house of Hna. Juarez for her uncle that passed away? Yah … so they gave us food for our lunch and it looked a little sketchy but I still ate it because the food at times looks weird but tastes so good! AND ... I found out one week later that it was a turtle. Definitely did not look like a turtle. But hey, it was an adventure!

3. My new name for all of the Primary children of the ward is Hna. Sandwich. They decided it was too hard to say Hna. Shumway and have officially given me my new name! Whatever works right? Hahaha


So a few weeks ago you asked me about the youth of the ward. We now have one young women that is coming! Better than none, right? And I am working on getting more to come! We have a few ideas of activities! I’ll keep you updated!

Leandro continues to be such an incredible investigator and came to church AGAIN! He told us this week that he had a dream that he got baptized, with two other people he didn’t know. He is set on his baptism and is fulfilling every one of his commitments. He doesn’t drink, smoke, and has left his bad habits in his past, and can´t wait for his baptism! 5 de Septiembre is the day!! Honestly he is a major blessing for us. 

We couldn’t find many of our investigators this week! We looked for Miguel, and called him, and hoped he would come to church but he never showed up. His family tells us he isn’t home so I am scared we have lost him and he doesn’t want to listen anymore. But I gotta have faith right?? We are going to try again this week! Fingers crossed that we can find him!

The biggest challenge for us right now is the branch. There is a lot of contention between members and the Presidente del Estaca came to our branch Sunday and told us that if we don’t increase our numbers of people assisting church they are going to have to shut down our branch and area. BROKE MY HEART! But the thing is my new hija and I are going to give these next few months our all because we cannot let that happen! I know that with a lot of prayer, faith, and diligence we can get this branch filled with members. At one point it was almost a ward but then the numbers decreased. I hope to get it back to that point! 

Something funny is yesterday one of the members told me after the lesson that she understood me talking Spanish in the lesson. It was hilarious! I asked, "So you haven’t understood me this whole time?", and she told me nope! #spanishprobs #somedayiwilllearnthislanguage Hahaha … so I guess that all of those conversations when she was nodding her head and saying "Si, si" it meant that she really has no idea what I am saying! 

Overall, it’s been a good week! Sorry there isn’t much new information! I am doing great, I am SO EXCITED to train, and I am hoping that we get working hard and can change this branch around. I just want you to know that the members are such an important key to this work! We have to work as one … the members and missionaries … and this teamwork brings miracles! 

I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am so incredibly grateful for his atonement. Honestly I feel so inadequate to be training a new missionary, but I know that with faith and my Savior and Heavenly Father I can absolutely do anything (Alma 26:12)! LOVE YOU ALL and have an incredible week!

Serve, strengthen, and uplift those around you! And never forget how loved you all our by your Heavenly Father!

XOXO, Hermana Shumway 

Pancakes ... and the feast we had for our District Meeting!

My District ... they are just great!

The Primary children and Sister Shumway ... you can see how cute and little my compii is (This pic is definitely not the prettiest with the sun beaming in our eyes, but I thought you would like to see our Primary!) 

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