Saturday, August 1, 2015


(EMAIL SENT JULY 20 , 2015)


Primary Teachers!! That is the best calling in the world! Those little kids are sure lucky to have you two as their teachers! 

Okay so I have to let you know about the Gee Whiz Facts of the Week. They are just too great!

1. Five days without water. 5 DAYS!!! Just imagine that for a sec ... and I hope you understand how nuts that is. We ended showering with a little soup sized bowl of our drinking water (our invention after four days of not showering) ... but it seriously just got to be hilarious after awhile. And it was all throughout Chulucanas. Hahaha - I have never been more grateful to have a cold shower in my life when it finally started working again.

2. We spent half of the week in the Clinic. My sweet comp has had a lot of health problems. We ended traveling back and forth to Piura (one hour bus ride) about three times. But have no fear she is doing a lot better now!

3. First Interview with President Rasmussen was this week - I just love them so much! Sister Rasmussen is a sweetheart and I think she added you and I as friends on Facebook Mom! They are both just so hilarious and super spunky. 

Overall, it was a good week! We challenged one of our new investigators to baptism. Her name is Aniy and we contacted her in the street my first week here. She is an angel, and is about 40 years old and lives alone. One of her sons is a member of the church, and she hasn't heard a lot from him about the church, but is excited to learn more. Our last lesson (2nd Lesson with her) she was asking us a lot about baptism, and told us that if she feels its true, she is very willing to be baptized. We set a date - 30 de Agosto - and she is set on it! Now we just have 9 more investigators to go with a baptismal date! We can do it!

Also, we have been knocking a lot of doors lately. Our area is HUGE and we are trying to get to know it all. Side note - I don't think sunblock works here because I seem to be sunburned everyday (but don't worry, just a little bit). We have found new investigators and even families! At times in can be hard because a bunch of people tell us no, but I have learned to just smile and try the next door, and the next, and the next. When I first got in the mission it broke my heart when the people told us no, but now I just think, "I just planted a seed!" and we keep on going! It's amazing what the mission teaches you!

In the morning I was reading a quote from Cheryl Esplin in the last General Conference and I wanted to share it with you all: "Many of us have been baptized and have received the gift of the Holy Ghost, whose role is to reveal and to teach the truth of all things. With the privilege of that gift comes the responsibility to seek truth, to live the truth we know, and to share and defend the truth."

I love that! As members of the church, we have the responsibility to Seek Truth, Live the Truth, and Share and Defend the Truth. My new phrase for this week! Seek. Live. Share. Defend. All that I believe. 

I love you all and hope you all have an incredible week! I have to go but thank you for everything you all do! This gospel really is so incredible.

Hermana Shumway

I took a little pic so you can see what my new area looks like. Check out the motos and the flag of Peru – I love this place!

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