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(EMAIL SENT JULY 27, 2015)


Sounds like you are all just doing superb! McKay - have the greatest time at EFY! Such an incredible time to strengthen your testimony and to feel the spirit. Those weeks meant a lot to me when I was your age! Make the best of it! And Mom and Dad - you two are just doing the most incredible job with your work. Mom - I will make sure to say an extra few prayers for you and your meeting! I just know you are going to do an incredible job. Dad - Sounds like everything is going great at work! Love you two to pieces!

Also, our Mission Presidents wife Sister Rasmussen has a mission blog page. I think it is called The Piura Life. Or something like that. You should check it out and see if there is anything interesting about the mission on it!

You know how I mentioned how my comp was sick last week. Well little Hermanita CHUMway has been sick these last few days. Looks like I might have a stomach infection and I think I just ate something bad! Looking at the positive side - I have been super blessed my whole mission and I am never sick … and the GRINGOS are ALWAYS sick. The great thing is I remembered all of the sick day tips you taught me mom … I have been eating saltine crackers, and drinking lots of water. Hahaha – it’s an adventure every week here in PIURA. 

So I titled this email A WEEK OF MIRACLES, and can I just say that it truly has been just that. This week, and last week, my comp and I have not been feeling too great, and that is rough for me because I just want to go, go, go, and teach and share this incredible message, and we have not been able to do that as much these last few weeks. I prayed and prayed that we wouldn’t lose chances of finding investigators, and that Heavenly Father would help us. And I want you all to know that he truly answers prayers. It all started when we left to an appointment Monday night. We were walking down the street and a moto taxi slowly pulled up next to us. I grabbed my bag, thinking we might get robbed (oh Sister Shumway...), and then realized that I should just offer him an image of Jesus Christ just to play it safe. As I was doing that I realized that it was the husband of the one of the members of our branch. His name is Leandro. He told us he needed to share something with us to get some help, and has been searching all day for us. We invited him into a member’s house and we got talking about all that had happened. He had passed through a lot of family problems in the last few days and decided that he needs to change, and realized that the gospel is the only thing that can help him now. I literally couldn’t even believe it. He never wanted to listen to us before, and after a few things happened, he now has such a desire to change. We have taught him 3 lessons since that day and he has accepted a baptismal invitation, and he came to church this last Sunday! It was a miracle.

Our other two investigators came from a reference from missionaries in another area and the other from a member. And every single one of them are incredible and have passed through family problems and want to change their lives around. 

I don’t even know if I explained that well enough, but I just want you all to know that when we pray to our Heavenly Father, he truly answers prayers. I have seen the Lord hand in this work so much this week, and it was when we most needed it. These 3 new investigators are truly such a blessing!

Also, our Talent Night was a hit!! About 60 members came - less-actives, members, and investigators! It was incredible. Many members danced because that is one thing they are known for (and man they sure are good at it), including the primary. It was just too cute. I took a few pics and videos! Even us missionaries presented a sketch. It was really embarrassing, but pretty hilarious and I realized I CANNOT ACT IN SPANISH! But we made the members laugh so that was great.

We had a busy week and we are excited to get going a little bit faster this next week when we are feeling better! But overall, everything is going incredibly well here in Chulucanas. I love the branch, members, and this area. At times I just can’t believe that I am here in Peru as a missionary. It still hits me at times how amazing this chance is. 

I wanted to share a picture of Abinadi (honestly, I have no idea how to spell his name in English, sorry!), that hangs in front of my study desk. I love this pic - BLESSED FOR THE EXAMPLE. I am beginning to read his story in the Book of Mormon again and I just love and am so extremely grateful for his example. At times we have so much fear to be different then the world, and to stand up for what we believe, but then we can just think of Abinadi. He truly was an example, and had NO FEAR.

We have such a powerful, and needed message in this world. Share it with everyone you know, and live what you believe. BE AN EXAMPLE.

Thank you for all of your support, have an incredible week, and I love you all!

Hermana Shumway

Abinadi picture

Photo of our district ... best shot we could get with the rascals in the back. Oh elders.

We had a one day transfer with our sister leaders and look where I got picked to go??? My old area PIURA CENTRAL! Woohoo! Got to stop by and visit Hna. Reina – Family Cordova

I ate these delicious hamburgers that are in the front of our room with this Argentina Guy that was one of my best pals in Piura Central. His burgers are the BEST!!!

Our sweet little chapel where we have sacrament meeting

Branch Talent Night

Look at these darling little girls ... I love them!

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