Thursday, September 25, 2014


Hello fam!!

Being able to send you guys an email is the highlight of my week!! I miss you guys like crazy and cannot even tell you how much I loved receiving an email from all of you this week!!!! I am going to try to respond to all of them but if I don’t have time I will for sure do it next week!

So it was just another superb week at the CCM in Lima, Peru! To begin, I thought I would answer some of your questions about this place. The food is INCREDIBLE!! A typical meal for me is usually rice, chicken or beef, a lot of carrots, beets and granadilla (look it up, it looks like brains!!). It is a fruit that you slurp out the inside stuff and it´s so good. Then there are these little pastry breads that are homemade right before the meal and dessert (SOMETIMES EVEN ICE CREAM CONES WHICH ARE SO GOOD)! I sleep in a room of six girls, all in bunks. I love them all so much! Oh and my district has 10 people--me, my companion and eight elders. They are THE BEST!!! Holy toledo they crack me up all the time! One of them looks, not even kidding, like Dwight Shrute and acts just like him too! His name is Elder Humble and he is hilarious! They are all just incredible! I think there are about 100 missionaries in the CCM--not a lot, which is great because we all end up being friends! And every two weeks missionaries leave and new ones come in!

Peru is beautiful! It is just a bunch of random colored box buildings/apartments everywhere! The temperature though is a wee bit chilly. Not freezing, but I pretty much always have my cardigan on! But Piura is going to be sooooo hot (when I was proselyting that is all people would tell me about Piura) so I am enjoying the cold weather while I have it.

Speaking about proselyting, yup, it happened last week! And my most common phrase was.... no entiendo! Hahaha woohoo!! The people talk so fast, but it was such a great experience to be out teaching this wonderful gospel! I bore my testimony a few times, and I did place two BOM´s so that was great! But my companion pretty much spoke the entire time! But no worries family, this little hermana is going to be killing it and converting all of Peru in the next few weeks! One really cool experience about teaching though was when we were teaching in a home and decided to sing a hymn for the family! We sang “Nearer My God to Thee” in Español and the family started crying!! Music can be such a powerful source to bring the spirit! It was such a great experience! No, we did not end up baptizing them right then, but it still was such a special experience! Oh and as we were proselyting there was this sweet little member named Aymi who was 14 and wanted to join the missionaries. So she came with us and she was incredible! She took us to her friend’s home that wasn´t a member, and then to her own house to teach her mom who isn´t a member. She even helped us teach lessons! A 14 year old!!! I am still a little nervous to teach the gospel and I am older, but this 14 year old had such a testimony and set such an example for me! We seriously should all be like that. Not unashamed of the gospel and always striving to do what´s right! She could have been hanging out with friends, or watching a movie, or doing whatever a teenager does but she decided to preach the gospel! I just thought that was so cool!

Another teaching experience was when my companion and I were teaching here at the CCM to an investigator. I had prayed and prayed to understand what the investigator would say during the lesson and to have the gift of tongues present so I could testify and teach what I felt I needed to. I literally was praying over and over and over again (it had kinda been a rough day) and my companion and I go into the lesson and start teaching. Amazingly I was able to understand and testify and teach throughout the entire lesson! I even conjugated all the words I wanted to say! It was incredible. And I ended up even extending (in Español) the baptismal invitation! I seriously wanted to cry after! I don´t even know how to tell you how special that experience was for me, but I guess what I am trying to say is that if we have faith, and not just have faith, but act on that faith, we will be so blessed! I am struggling so much with my Spanish but I am trying so hard and praying so hard to have the spirit with me so I can testify and I have felt so blessed these last few weeks.

So we have devotionals here all the time and a few days ago we had one with Elder Ballard. I just want to say one quote from his talk that I loved! He said, "Live in such a way that when the Lord needs you, you will be ready." Isn´t that great! That definitely applies to me as a missionary but I totally believe it applies to all of us! It is so important to be spiritually ready ALWAYS because the Lord needs to know he can trust us! I would hate to have an investigator that the Lord doesn´t lead me to because I wasn´t ready for that. Be so spiritually and physically ready, so that when the Lord needs you he knows he can trust you!

I want you to know that I have a testimony of the gospel! I love it, and I hope to continue to grow my testimony of this incredible work! I am so thankful for the courage of a 14 year old boy to ask a question, and who prayed with complete faith to know which church was true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, who endured trials and hardship but never denied what he knew to be true! I know that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us infinitely and is so willing to give us blessings if we trust in him! I know that prayer is such a testimony builder and is a powerful way of feeling the spirit and receiving comfort. I love this gospel! They teach us to always be 100% obedient. Family, be 100% obedient, and always be an example of Christ! I love you all so so so much and pray for you always!!

XOXOXO - Hermana Shumway

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Holy toledo, it is so nice to be writing you guys right now! I miss you guys so much I can hardly stand it but it has been incredible here. I seriously feel like this is my second home! The CCM (Lima MTC) is GORGEOUS!! I hear crazy animals all the time and the trees look like something from Dr. Seuss! Oh and my companion is the best too! Her name is Hermana Robinson and we are very different but we work so well together! Gosh, I just love you guys though!! I hope everything is great at home! Oh and as you are ALL wondering ... THE FOOD IS TO DIE FOR! I seriously look forward to every delicious meal (no surprise there)!!! Oh and my district is incredible too. The guys are hilarious, seriously like a big group of brothers, and they call me Hermana C-H-U-mway! My Peruvian teacher calls me that and we all crack up every time.

The language is coming great (who would have thought high school Spanish would be so helpful????) and I can now bear my testimony and say a prayer in Spanish, WHAT????? That probably is not that impressive, but hey, it's something! I am trying so hard to learn the language though and I seriously pray soooooo much!! Prayer is incredible!! And if you guys ever doubt that your Heavenly Fathers loves you ... DON'T! He loves us more than we can even comprehend and that is such a blessing! Every day I have difficult, frustrating moments, but I know I can do it because I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and gives me so much strength! I honestly don't think I could do this experience without knowing that! The gospel is TRUE family!!!

So I had my Pday today and we went to this supermarket and they had Oreos! OREOS!!! Talk about a blessing! Now you might be thinking, Allyse, are you gaining a lot of weight from all that delicious food and Oreos? I am proud to say nope!! I actually have lost weight if you can believe it because my companion and I work out every day because I make her run laps around the CCM with me and we run stairs 15x! Woohoo!!! Hermana Shumway is coming home ripped! Just kidding, probably not, but I seriously love working out in this humidity!

I only got to briefly go over your emails ... but love that you keep hearing SHAKE IT OFF on the radio!!! AHHHHH!!! Gotta love Tswizzle! She randomly came up in a conversation with my district and all the guys love her! Oh and my district is all going to Piura, except for my companion, so I now know a lot of elders that will be on my mission! Woot woot! They are hilarious and we had a testimony meeting the other day after a devotional and they all shared about their different backgrounds--some extremely hard, some easy, some not wanting to serve a mission, but yet they all are here in Peru, giving their time to the Lord. They are soooooo great!!! I just love them all, in a hermana and hermano type of love, like not inappropriate love, ha! We all just help each other grow and learn the language together!

So I taught my first lesson in Spanish the other day with my companion (to some Peruvian teachers), and she is completely, like that is not an understatement, COMPLETELY fluent in Spanish, and we work so well together! Let's just I say I might have not understood anything she was saying and said Si! like the whole time, but it was so fun!! The funniest part is when I think I know what she is saying and then I pipe in with a few Spanish phrases (thinking i´m a genius and patting myself on the back) and then everyone looks at me like I´m nuts! BEST MOMENT EVER!! That probably happens let's say... 100% of the time. Ha, I am trying my best and someday I´ll be a Peruvian!! I seriously already love the people! Oh and we´re going proselyting on Friday! Yipee!! That is going to be quite an adventure! I´ll have to tell you how it goes next week! Ha! How are you guys though??? Sounds like the family is doing superb and all is well in good ol´ Utah! I love you all!!!!! A whole lot!! I hope football is going great Lovey and you are getting some incredible tackles and I hope school is going well for Parker and Chariton!! And I hope Emily and Justin are having a great time in school and living the adorable married life! I pray for all you guys every night and wish you guys the absolute best!! Mom and Daddy I hope you guys are doing incredible!!! I seriously can´t thank you guys enough for raising me in the gospel and teaching me to do what´s right. We are so blessed!!!!! I love you Mom and Daddy!!!! And thank you for all of your support!! I feel all of your prayers and know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be!

Oh random funny side note to Parker--I got a Spain soccer jersey!! I thought that Parker would be happy about that!! I actually needed one too because all my workout shirts are always dirty from playing sports everyday! We have this huge soccer field at the CCM and volleyball court and I thrive off them!!! But people have to tell me all the time to not be so competitive (woops!) because when I spike the volleyball or play soccer I must be a little too into it! Ha--it´s the blessing of having all brothers!!!

I love love love being a missionary and love you guys mucho mucho!!!

XOXOX - Hermana Shumway

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Heading to the airport

In line with a few of the elders traveling with me (all boys … just like growing up)

List of a few of the missionaries traveling with me to Lima

“Two thumbs up” – finally on my way

Sending my love to everyone

Salt Lake City, Utah to Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas to Lima, Peru - HUZZAH!