Monday, November 23, 2015


Shumway Crew,

Well it was a very humbling week for us. I will go more into details … but here are the Gee Whiz Facts for this week:

1. Well, I knew it was coming ... I GOT LICE! That is what happens when you kiss every person you meet on the cheek. But … it’s these type of things keep the mission life INTERESTING … so it was just great. May have taken H-O-U-R-S to get us bug-free but now we are officially clean! And not to mention with all the time spent doing it we do have our Christmas Album memorized. Always a plus!

2. If you don´t feel happy in your life write a miracle you saw that day. We just started doing and it is the BEST IDEA EVER. When you spot a miracle a day you really notice the blessings you receive in your life.

3. We randomly see dead frogs on the street … EVERYWHERE. Where they come from I have no idea! Our river is dry here in Chulucanas.

4. Common way to travel in Chulucanas is by donkey and hay cart.


So this last week was like a rollercoaster. Many high moments and a few pretty low moments … but it isn’t getting us down! We started out with a huge list of new investigators, many of which I have talked about, but we have narrowed it down a bunch this week. Many weren’t progressing, others just liked to hear our English, and others were just rascals. So we are now focusing more on just a few families. 

Rosa and Byron … NEW MIRACLE for us. We found her knocking doors and she is an angel that is absolutely prepared for this message. She lives with her husband and 6 year old son Byron. They are not married, but anything is possible right! We found her about 3 days ago, knocking doors, and we have taught her every day since. She LOVES this message, has already jumped into reading her Book of Mormon, and she and her son are praying every day. Little darling byron even wanted to take the pamphlets we gave them to school to give to his friends. She and Byron were going to come to church Sunday but a emergency came up and couldn´t. But they are coming to the FHE we have tonight. SHE IS A MIRACLE INVESTIGATOR Her husband is always working during our lessons but so far everything is going splendid!

Family Cristanto (Merliy, Fernando, and his parents) - They once again came to the Noche Misional (branch mission night) and it was a HUGE surprise! They still haven’t come to church, but little by little! They are just very involved in their ice-cream making business. This week is the week … we just know it!

Raul - He is a toughie. That wonderful guy wants an answer, and says he doesn´t feel anything. We had a very intense lesson this last week, praying that Heavenly Father would bless us with inspired questions to help him, and they came! We asked him questions that were literally inspired and guided by the spirit. We asked him how he knew that his own church was true, and he said through reading the scripture, praying, and the way he felt at church. And then I asked him if he feels like he has tried those three things in order to know if our church is true. He said no. He has never come to church, and feels too nervous to read the Book of Mormon. So he said he would try it. But he doesn´t know whether he should keep on listening to us. He says he just doesn´t know. We asked him if he has ever prayed about his own church, and he said no. We invited him to trust in the power of prayer, and ask if what we have shared is true. We´ll see what happens. Overall, it was just a lesson full of many inspired questions, that we hope helps! 

Natalie - 13 year old that is so cute and loves our message. She is very intelligent and mature for her age. We found her knocking doors. She is reading her Book of Mormon and praying to know if it was true. Our last lesson was a little tricky because a random parade happened outside of her house halfway through the lesson. But she is doing great!

Estefany - A random old investigator, 16 year old Estefany, called us this last week to see when we are going to stop by to visit her. We were teaching her before, but could never find her after the first lesson, so we let her go (about 3 months ago). But a miracle occurred and she randomly called us last week! We are stopping by this week!

And we recognized something this week that has helped the spirit guide the lessons. SILENCE. It is crazy how that works when we are not talking and they are just soaking in what we shared … that’s when the spirit testifies. We have seen that a lot this week! 

Yes … the sad news is no one came to church this last week. So no, we won’t be having a baptism for the Noche Blanca. That was a real let-down for us, and we couldn’t believe it when no one showed up for church (We passed by the night before, and the morning of.) But we are not losing faith. We have realized that this work runs on the Lord´s timing, and we can’t rush that. But if we keep working hard we are looking at many Christmas baptisms. Wouldn’t that just be so wonderful! Still is a White Christmas!

We have a branch activity for Thanksgiving, where we are having a talent night and eating chicken sandwiches and chicha morada (famous grapelike drink here). We have a District Meeting that day too so maybe we will do something fun for Thanksgiving! 

It has been a humbling week knowing no one will come to the Noche Blanca. But we ARE NOT losing faith! This is the Lord’s work and he works miracles.

I love this work. I know this church is true. I KNOW that our prophet is an inspired man from God. We testified a lot of him this week and I know he is God’s prophet here on the earth.

Love you all!! 

Do what is right.

Tell all my friends hey! TESS AND KATELYN!!!!


Hermana Shumway

We made cake... in the microwave! You know those box cakes you can buy … well they can be cooked in the microwave in one minute. Who knew?!!

Just walking around town in Piura


A Catholic church ... such beautiful architecture

My comp Hermana Thomas took a picture of me ... looks like I’m still the same Allyse who falls asleep anywhere when I’m exhausted. Some things never change!

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