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(EMAIL SENT MAY 18, 2015)


First off -- PARKER AND CASS -- you two beautiful people are adorable!!! Loved seeing pics from the wedding! PLEASSEEEE keep them coming!!! I seriously just love you guys and hope your incredible day was perfect ... with rain and all!

This week I wanted to start with a quote THAT I LOVE (thanks mama):

"Do something that is hard each day and smile about it."

Isn't that just superb. If we applied this phrase everyday we would run out of things to be mad or frustrated about. We would learn to look at everything in such a positive way. Definitely am trying to apply this to my mish!! 

We had transfers today. And my compiii and I are sticking together for another transfer. This was such a blessing for us, because we are seeing many changes in our area, and we still have so much to do! 

This P-Day we made good ole' Krusteaz Pancakes with the elders from our ward, and the hermanas that live above us. It was a pretty laid back P-Day, but so much fun! I sent a few pics. 

This week we had a ward mission activity. It was called NOCHE DE CINE. And it was a real hit! We watched the movie Meet the Mormons (If you haven't seen it ... see it ... it´s incredible) and our focus was to introduce the world to who we really are and what we believe! And so many investigators came! Even a group of teenage boys that we randomly contacted in the street as they were playing soccer. And our investigator family - Family Alcalde - came too! THEY LOVED IT. So much that they... CAME TO CHURCH SUNDAY. Can I just say that seeing them in church was such an incredible blessing!!! They told us that they probably wouldn't be able to come, but they surprised us and came, and stayed for ALL 3 HOURS. And the ward members were superb too and helped take them to all of their classes. It was incredible. And tonight we have a Family Home Evening planned with them! The only trial with them is they aren't married. But tonight we are going to put a huge emphasis on marriage and also a little about the Book of Mormon - two things SUPER DUPER important. I'll let you know how it goes!

Our lessons with Grabiel didn't go too great this week. His friends are telling him a lot of bad things about the church, and don't want him to listen to us, so this week he has a been a little distant. It is so hard because he was progressing SO MUCH, and had a baptismal date this last Sunday. But we aren't giving up. We are praying that he will receive an answer to his prayers.

Also this week we thought we would try out knocking doors. It hasn't worked too well for me in the past, but it's always great to mix things up a bit right?? So we tried it out. Many people were real sweet and accepted what we gave them, and then quickly shut the door ... BUT others truly had interest! And we found some real keepers. We are pretty excited, and have set citas with them for the next week!

Something kind of exciting is this week we have a FHE with Jimmy and his cousin. Their goal is they need to bring a friend to the FHE, and we'll bring comida! We'll see how it goes! But they are pretty excited.

Also, we PAINTED THE HOUSE OF HNO. FIDEL. My compii has the pics so I will try to send them when she has a chance. It is too PERFECT and probably the most exciting house in the block. He is pretty tickled by it. 

So I thought that my new little thing for my blog and emails is I can write what I learned this week (SILTW), and something I am grateful for (SIGF)! I thought that would be a groovy idea.

SILTW: Everyone needs to feel loved. No matter who they are, how they act, or their circumstances - EVERYONE needs to feel loved.

SIGF: My family - yeah I know that´s kinda cheesy because you guys are the ones reading this, but I sure do love you guys, and I took for granted my time with you! Cherish your time with your families my friends, they truly are such a blessing.

Well, we are ready to get back on our feet and looking forward to a new week!


XOXO, Hermana Chumway

Hanging out as missionaries is just the best

And we like to have some fun

Love these people so much!

Slicing up some bananas for our pancakes ... yum yum

Life is good

Pancake success ... we are super duper domestic

Another pic of our pancake and banana feast

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