Tuesday, May 5, 2015



Shumway Familia!!

I sure do love you guys! And that list of people getting married from the 6th ward!!! WHAT??? In only 7 months everyone is getting hitched! Sooooo crazy!! Oh and good luck sibling with your FINALS. Always a little rough during that time, but I just know you are all going to kill it with your tests. And April is almost over! That month FLEW by!! And cannot wait to talk to you superb people in just a few. We haven´t figured out all of the dets yet, but I´ll let you know next week when we have it planned out.

To start, YES, we had our Family Home Evening with the Single Adults and our Investigators this past week. And about 20 people showed up!! It was a miracle. And our three investigators with baptismal dates came - Grabiel, Marlo and Alberto. And guess who gave the lesson!! Hermanita CHUM-way and her comp. All I can say is my Spanish and lesson was not perfect, but people were laughing and cracking up so it was worth it! And our investigators said that they really enjoyed it, so that was wonderful! 

BUT the sad news is none of them came to church. Grabiel couldn´t for his work, and Marlo and Alberto just didn´t come. It was a major bummer, and from the lessons we had earlier this week we felt like they are losing interest.

So after church, we were a pretty bummed. But in the afternoon we felt like we should pass by the house of Grabiel to see how he´s doing. We stopped by and he told us that he actually was watching The Restoration on his computer at that moment. We had NEVER even mentioned this video, but he was searching on Youtube looking up a Mormon message that we recommended, and then found The Restoration! Talk about INCREDIBLE! He said he loved what he had seen so far, and we set a cita for later that week. He is a miracle investigator. His baptismal date is in about 3 weeks, so I´ll keep you updated on how he is doing! But he is progressing so much!! 

We have a lesson with Marlo and Alberto tonight. They haven´t been reading, or coming to church, so tonight we are going to be really direct with them. It has been really hard with them, and tonight we are looking for inspiration because honestly we can´t figure out what we need to teach to get them motivated. I´ll let you know how it goes!

We haven´t finished painting the house of Hno. Fidel, but I should have a pic next week of the finished product!! He is a CHAMP. And mom, you remember that white shirt you sent me for Navidad, and I never ended up giving it away! The new proud owner of this shirt is Hno. Fidel. I found out he never had one, and so my comp and I prepared a little present for him and gave him the shirt, an extra scripture case I had, a bag I was given from a random person in the church one time, and some snacks! His face absolutely lit up when we gave it to him! He is ALWAYS giving us fruit and all of his food, and never receives anything in return. It was the highlight of our week to see his reaction when he received it. And this Sunday he came to church beaming in his white church shirt, with his bag and his scripture in the case! We love that man! I will take a photo next week with him.

This past week we contacted a lot of our contacts from the street and we haven´t found anyone who has lot of interest! That has been a little hard for us, but we are keeping at it! Hopefully next week we will have new investigators!

I have an interview with President this week and also we have a Zone Meeting! Oh … and the weather is a lot colder in the night now! I am actually using a jacket now! IT’S A MIRACLE!

Love you all soooooo much!

Have the most wonderful week!

XOXO Hna. CHUM-way

Sweet Hermano Fidel (The Mango Man)

Getting ready to clean the pen

The finished product turned out so great -- now it is super clean and organized

Me and my beautiful, fairy-looking companion Hermana Ore

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