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First off ... HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! And happy end of school (almost) Lovey! Have a superb summer break! And Justin and Emily - you two are just too cute. Parks and Cass - Hope your honeymoon and adorable marriage went SUPERB! Seriously, I teared up seeing the pics of you guys! LOVE YOU!! And Cass you are gorgeous! CHARITON - I cannot believe you saw one of my favorite people in the world. I LOVE YOU LINDS!!! Tell her I say hi! 

Oh and I am so thrilled you got my little package! I LOVE YOU ALL and love hearing that you are all doing great!! Still haven´t received your package mama, but I think this week it should arrive. 

This week flew by - AGAIN!! I seriously cannot even believe that we are almost in JUNE! This year is cruising by. So here is how my week went:

First, we had a FHE with Jimmy and his fam! A few ward members also showed up, and we had a great time playing games and eating Jell-o for dessert - made by our good pal Jimmy! We taught a lesson about Prayer, and I just about choked up in tears as I was ending the lesson with my testimony. I love the incredible opportunity we have to pray to our Heavenly Father. That truly is such an incredible gift we have. In my mish, there has been a lot of ups and downs, but prayer has been such a source of strength for me. 

Also, we had another FHE and threw a little fiesta for Elder Haws for his birthday! The tradition here is for your birthday they throw eggs at you! HA! It´s way too great! I had no idea what was happening when everyone began to throw eggs at him, it´s terrible but so hilarious! He loved it!

Oh and the Family Alcalde continue to progress! We finished teaching the Restoration, and they took it really well! I always get the nerves when I teach that lesson because it can be hard for people to understand at times, but it honestly went so well! I think I was praying the entire lesson in my head that they would understand and feel the truth of what we were teaching. Also, we talked about marriage too. They understand that they need to get married, but told us they are going to talk about it together. But the mom was just beaming the whole time, and her husband too! And their kids want them to get married too! We were so glad that they took it well! We are going to set goals with them tonight. 

But the bummer of the week no one came to church Sunday. Grabiel, Family Alcalde, and our other investigators all said they would come, but no one showed up! We were really bummed. But we know that everything happens for a reason, and are crossing our fingers for next week! 

Grabiel told us this week that he wants to be baptized, and he feels that it´s true. But it is so hard to change the religion of his family, and he doesn´t want them to judge him. That’s the only thing holding him back now! Please keep him in your prayers. But he has been doing great and continues to progress!

There is a lot of excitement here about the temple in Trujillo. Trujillo is about 5 hours from Piura, and the members are thrilled to have a temple so close! Everyone has been going to the puertas abiertas these last few weeks, and a bunch of members spoke about it in church Sunday! And many have said that the prophet is going to come to dedicate the temple in 21 de Junio. It really is an incredible time for the church in Peru! They now have 2 temples! And the youth from our stake are going to dance in the cultural celebration for the temple. It´s so wonderful!

This last Sunday our Bishop shared something in Sacrament Meeting that really hit me hard. He quoted Boyd K. Packer and said - If we truly understand what we are learning, we should see changes in our life every day. That´s not the exact quote, but it was something like that! He went on to say that if we really understand the gospel, we should constantly be changing, improving. We are working for exaltation, and that is not an easy goal. It requires constant changes, and a desire to improve every day! And I just loved that!! 

Well, I LOVE YOU ALL!! Tell Emily Nelson I love her to death, and she is incredible, and Jentry and Rachel too!! Oh and tell MADS I love her so so much!!

Thank you a million times for all of your support! Until next week!

SILTW (Something I learned this week) - Life is so much easier if we are willing to give up our bad habits, and do good. 

SIGF (Something I am grateful for) - Joseph Smith. His faith and courage to ask God for the truth is an incredible example to me! Thanks to a 14 year old boy we have the true and restored church of Jesus Christ. 

XOXO, Hermana Shumway

I wore my nametag out and had to get a new one

Another picture from our service project for Hmno. Fidel

Here he is holding one of his guinea pigs 

 Painting the outside of his home - it was so great!

He loved our great work and gave it a successful thumbs up

Ready to go preach the gospel - let's do this!

FHE with Jimmy and others he invited to join us

Two of the little girls that I love so much - aren't they adorable?!!

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