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Well, sounds like the open house went superb for Park and Cass. And all of my pals!! Tell Mads, Sierra, the Nelson family, and McKay's friends hey!! Love them all!!! And Strom Clark!!! THAT IS CRAZY HE IS HOME. Tell him I say hi and that I hope he is doing superb!

This week was a pretty calm week. Nothing crazy happened, except that I now have a swarm of sweet children that ask me for caramels all the time! They run from FOREVER AWAY just to receive a caramel from me. I don't even know their names and just call them amigos. We are all good pals now. It is the highlight of our day for my comp and I!

Grabiel is still struggling with family things right now. His family and friends don't want him to be baptized, but he does! And he doesn't know what to do. I can't even imagine how hard it would be to have such a desire to do something, but having everyone you love tell you not to do it! We are trying to help him out with many, many prayers, but it is pretty much in his hands now. We set a baptismal date for 13 of June. He didn't come to church yesterday so will probably move his date out a little bit. I will keep you updated. But he literally is incredible!! 

Family Alcalde continue to be amazing. They came to church yesterday and have now accepted a marriage date for the end of June. They are a little nervous with all of the changes that are happening, but told us that they love what they have seen of the church every Sunday, and love what they are learning. We left them a DVD of The Restoration to watch (which also includes a bunch of other videos about Joseph Smith and church stories), and not only did they watch the DVD, but tey then watched EVERY OTHER movie as well. The Dad, Jhon, said that he feels a lot more comfortable with everything after the videos, and it wasn't even our intention to have them watch them all. Talk about incredible! Also, they, for the first time are praying as a family. Heavenly is truly helping us out with this family. And their kids love coming to the English Class!

So ... talking about the English Class we teach ... Hermana CHUMWAY es la maestra! The elders always seem to forget to prepare a lesson... but oh man, my lessons are a hit! I am a horrible teacher (I KNOW ENGLISH … but for some reason I can't teach it very well). Mainly we just crack up laughing for most of the time, but it is so much fun. This past week we learned about colors and clothes -- woot woot! There are about 15 people present every week. And I think the treats I bring every week are a good motivating factor too!

We have our last Multi-Zone Conference coming up in a few weeks. It will be the last with President Rowley and his wife and I can't even believe it. We are sure going to miss them!

This week for our P-Day we celebrated the birthday of my compi!!! She turned 23 years old, and is just the cutest thing.

Also, we heard the news about L. Tom Perry and it just about broke my heart! I love that sweet man, and his family will definitely be in our prayers!

Well, I love you all, wish you all the absolute best in this upcoming week! Read your Book of Mormon every day, pray ALWAYS, and never forget how incredibly loved you all are by your Heavenly Father. 

Until next week,


Just smashing rocks like a boss ... I've got skills!

Me and my comp busy at work

 Today was my comp's birthday so I surprised her and decorated her desk

A pic to celebrate Hermana Ore's turning 23 ... she is just the sweetest person on earth!

El Libro de Mormon (check) ... orange backpack (check) ... positive attitude (check) ... let's do this!

Snapping pictures on a super huge bridge in my area ... over a river that doesn't have any water

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