Monday, June 29, 2015


Shumway Clan,

Happy 4th of JULY!!! Have a super great week celebrating AMERICA!! Always an exciting time!

Also ... TAYLOR CAMP AND FISO ARE HOME!!! No way! I head that Jacob Wadsworth and Jameson are home too! That's so crazy that everyone is coming home from their missions now. Tell them all hello from me!

So the big news is I GOT TRANSFERRED! It definitely was a rough week this week, filled with many tears and saying goodbye to all of the incredible people of Algarrobos. I LOVE THAT AREA SO MUCH! Definitely hope to return again someday to see my best pal Hno. Fidel and all of the incredible people that are now apart of my Peru Family.

This past week went really great with our investigators. Family Alcalde continues to progress!! Hno. Jhon, the Dad, is so accepting of everything we teach. It just all makes sense to him! He and Hna. Maria are still set on their marriage and their baptism is scheduled for the end of July! It was really hard saying goodbye to this family. I love them so much and they literally have grown to be my second family. But I might be able to go to their baptism and marriage! We'll see! 

Hno. Grabiel has had another rough week. He told us he isn't sure if he wants to be baptized anymore. It's crazy how everything changed so quickly with him. But he hasn't been keeping his commitments lately, and we think that may be one of the problems. Praying, reading his Book of Mormon, and coming to Church are going to help strengthen his testimony and help him know if the message is true. So we are focusing on getting him back into that routine! He knows it is true, but just can't make up his mind right now. But ... Percy and his wife ARE progressing! They are sharing it with their family too! Maybe this is what Grabiel needs right now! We just have to trust in the plan of our Heavenly Father for him!

SO ... you are probably all wondering where are you at right now Hermana Shumway??? My new area is Chulucanas. It is an area near the mountains that has a lot of farms, forest-jungly looking areas and I love it already!! Literally there are people driving their old beat down cars, a market of people selling their food in the streets (that's where I bought my food for the week), a mountain that surrounds us, and donkeys walking in the street. That really isn't that great of a description but it is the greatest!! I will send more pics next week. And we walk on the street now. Not gonna lie, I definitely miss trudging around in the sand and dirt of Algarrobos, but it's nice walking on a sidewalk now. 

Oh and my new comp is Hna. Juarez! SHE IS AN ANGEL. She was in the MTC with Christa in Lima ... such a SMALL WORLD! And we have been buddies for a while and now we are COMPS!! Woot woot! Love her!

Our new President comes this week ... President Rasmussen! We have a meeting with him next week and will get to know him and his wife. I will send you all the deets next week!!

Man ... I am out of time and have to go!! I PROMISE I will send more deets next week!

Sorry for the short email!!! 


Hermana Shumway

Wearing our twinner classy glasses ... saying goodbye to my pal Hmno. Fidel ... SO HARD!!!

This is how we usually find him ... having a great day in his chair

Our last Sunday together ... with him wearing the white shirt I gave him

One last pic with Grabiel

This is Familia Seguin ... they are incredible!

I have come to love these families so much

Part of my heart will always be in Algarobbos

Me with Claudia, Felipe (leaving in September to serve in the Colombia Bogota Mission) and our sweet pencionista Hmna. Yolanda

ME: "Claudia ... let's take a funny pic ... 1... 2 ... 3"
CLAUDIA: "... "
ME: "Oooohhh look ... this one's a keeper!" Hahaha

My sweet little friend Luana ... she can't talk very well and always called me "Mumway"

Another pic with Luana, a cousin, and Harold (he makes A-M-A-Z-I-N-G bracelets)

Final goodbyes with Jimmy and my little pal Wilder

This is my best little pal Ximena holding a picture I gave her so she could remember me ... she is the cutie that I gave my little Minnie Mouse to (she was heartbroken when she found out I was leaving) ... I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

La Familia Castro ... they are so great!

Saying goodbye to my sweet comp Hmna. Ore ... I will miss her!

My new comp Hmna. Juarez! She is the cutest and we have been buddies for forever!

My new piso ... I love this area already

Walking down one of the streets in my new area Chulucanas

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