Tuesday, June 16, 2015



First ... I don't have a lot of time so I am going to try and write REALLY fast. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DADDY!!! LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! You are officially the best Daddio in the whole wide world! And … HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARITON!!! Love you champ and I hope you have the greatest B-Day. You are a stallion and are going to do incredible things in your life!! LOVE YOU!!

This week was great!! First off, we had a lesson with Family Alcalde that went really well. We finished teaching the Plan of Salvation, and we were so nervous for this lesson. It has a lot of new principles that many people have never heard, or are a little confused about when they listen to us. But with a lot of prayers said in my head during the lesson, THEY LOVED IT, and have set a goal that they are going to do everything they can to be a eternal family. It went so well that we felt the urge to place a baptismal date and marriage date with them this lesson. We had mentioned it before but we officially placed a date this time!! They have set a goal to be married at the end of July and baptized the following day. Such a miracle!! Also, they came to church Sunday!! And that was a miracle because, the Dad, Jhon, told us he couldn´t come, but he ended up coming with his whole family! We took a pic too that I will send it to you!

Also, Grabiel has a new baptismal date for 5 de Julio. I probably won't be here, which is going to be a little hard, but I am so excited for him! I am almost positive that I will be transferred the next transfer. But he has progressed so much and is set on getting baptized this date.

Also, the son of our pencionista got his mission call!! Felipe will be serving in the Colombia Bogota Mission and leaves in September!! We are thrilled for him and he could not be happier! He will be an incredible missionary. 

This week is the dedication of the Trujillo Temple! Saturday we will all be watching the Cultural Event in our Stake Center, and then Sunday we will be part of the dedication! It is so exciting and everyone here are sooooo thrilled! It is such a blessing because now they will have a temple so much closer ... only 5 hours away compared to the 16 hours to the temple in Lima.

Want to hear a miracle? It is colder here!!! And now I am even using my cardigans. If that isn’t a miracle I don't know what is! Ha - that is definitely a Gee Whiz fact!!!

Well, I love you all and just wanted to end by sharing a scripture with you that I love and really touched me this week. It's in 2 Nephi 26: 24. I love my Savior so much and I can't even comprehend all that he has done for me.

I know this church is true! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!! Thank you all for your support!

Hopefully this week I won't have too many pics with eggs in my hair! Hahahaha ... but if so, stay tuned for next week, it is going to be great!!


XOXO Hermana Shumway

Happy Father's Day Daddio ... I love you so much!

Last picture as a zone with Presidente Rowely and his wife before they leave in a few weeks

Well lookie who I found ... my old comp Hermana Salamanca!

Me and my comp Hermana Ore posing for a pic

Our final room inspection with the Rowleys

Look what we did to our wall ... Yo trato de ser como Cristo (I'm trying to be like Jesus)

My comp was dying laughing and had to to take a picture of me with my orange backpack on while I was in the middle of planning

I just love my orange backpack ... it's nifty

The Alcalde Family ... they are so wonderful!

The Castillo Family ... they are crazy and I just love them to death!

Our investigator Grabiel and a few of "my boyz"

These little dudes are the hood of the block and are my best buddies ... I am teaching them English and they are teaching me how to be cool. Ha!

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  1. Love you Allyse! Your spirit always brightens mine! We pray for you!