Tuesday, May 19, 2015


(EMAIL SENT MAY 11, 2015)


Wow, it was the absolutely best and HIGHLIGHT of my week talking to you guys yesterday!!! Mama - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Hope the fam spoiled you to death because you deserve it! LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!! Parks and Cass - have the most incredible time this week!! SEND ME PICS ... and know that I am so thrilled and excited for you guys!

The sad thing is I don't have a lot of time to write you this week, BUT I will try to let you know in a quick rundown about what happened. 

So first, Grabiel won't be getting baptized this week. BUT, he feels more comfortable with the following week. He just has a few doubts right now, and doesn't feel like he has received the answers he wants. But we are praying really hard that he will get an answer to his prayers and will feel confident enough for his baptismal day. But he is still progressing like crazy, and loves reading his Book of Mormon. He started only a little bit ago, and is now in chapter 12. He is a champ!

Also, we didn't get to paint the house of Hno. Fidel, but next week we are set on doing it! I will send you pics of the finished project!

The family we found went to a ward activity!!! AHHH! It was a miracle because they haven't been able to come to church the last few weeks. We weren't present in the activity, but many people said that they seemed to enjoy it! It was on Mother's Day. But ... they are SET on coming to church this next Sunday, and we have a lesson scheduled for later this week. Also their kids love coming to the English Class we have in the church. (Me and the Elders are teaching them English - it's too great!)

And the truth is I don't remember what happened the other half of the week. But have no fear family, I will try my hardest to remember and next week I will update you on the details!

Tell Emily Nelson I love her and would love to hear from her if she has a chance!

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GRANDPA J!!! One of the sweetest and adorable people I know! Love you gramps, and I love you with all my heart and send you three full of lots of love FINGERS UP from Piura!!


XOXO, Hermanita CHUMway

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