Tuesday, May 5, 2015




Wow, love to hear about everything you guys are up to! LOVE the pic of our sweet little puppy, can´t wait to meet her. Also, brothers, I am pretty sure your little gaming fiesta was SUPERB, and filled with Chariton joyfully screaming and everyone cracking up with all of the jokes you all have! LOVE YOU ALL! 

To answer your questions:

- How are your eyes doing? SUPERB. I have to wear my glasses all the time, but hey it´s all good! But my eyes feel great now! At times I don´t even want to wear my glasses so I have to ask my comp who is waving at us, or if people are talking to me. Ha! I just wave at everyone who passes us now! 

- How goes the spider infestation? Those sweet things are officially all dead. We sprayed our whole apartment down, left to teach the gospel for the day, and returned to find them all dead. But officially I am not afraid to kill insects! Woohoo!

- Is your new camera working well? I love it!!! It is almost the same as my old camera! I am sending you a bunch of pics now!

This week was the BEST!! We had our good and hard days, but in the end we all learned so much and our very excited for a new week!! 

One special thing this week is we gave our sweet pal Jimmy a little Package full of Love. It was a Primary Book that simplifies the Book of Mormon with pìcs, food, and two photos of Christ. He loved it. That kid is such a stallion, we just love him! 

We had two investigators that came to church!! Grabiel, who has progressed so much, and Alberto. They both have baptismal dates for May! We have coordinated a FHE this week with the single adults and our investigators (because they are all about the same age) and we are going to teach about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. It is going to be so great!! But overall we have three people with baptismal dates, two brothers, and Grabiel. They have all progressed so much, but we are losing a little bit of interest from Marlo and Alberto. They are so wonderful, but it can be a little hard to find them at times. But overall, all is well!

We threw a little service project for our sweet grandpa, Hno. Fidel. We truly call him abuelo because he is so wonderful to us and has such a love for this work! We cleaned the pen of his guinea pigs that he sells and also of his chickens. And also we moved a lot of bricks around. He is just so wonderful, and we are going to paint his house this week! He has always wanted to do it and this week we are set on helping him out!

Overall, we are just falling in love with this area. My comp is incredible, and has taught me so much how to truly show people love. She teaches with such power and has helped me a lot. I love that sweet thing!! We laugh WAY too much. She is such a blessing for me!

LOVE YOU ALL!! Have another wonderful week!! Keep being incredible and always, always, always trust in your Heavenly Father. We truly can do anything with him at our side.

One thing I realized this week is that we can´t expect every day to be full of daisies and complete happiness. We need those hard times and little rocks in the road to help us remember that we need the help of our Heavenly Father … knowing that has helped me a lot this week.

Keep on keeping on!

Until next week,

Hermanita CHUMway!

Jimmy, Hermana Ore and me

He is such a little stud with an amazing future ahead of him

One of the little notes we included in his love package

Jimmy with his pictures and his present full of goodies

Just a little yummy breakfast I made for me and my comp

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