Wednesday, March 18, 2015



My dear sweet family,

I wanted to start with some good ol´ Gee-Whiz Facts this week:

1. I found a worm on my toothbrush the other day. That´s new!
2. I have grown accustomed to seeing cockroaches on my desk during my studies. We have a lot of them, and you remember how I couldn´t kill bugs before, well now I am a pro.
3. I GOT YOUR Package! That is definitely a great fact, and I have to let you know I LOVE YOU ALL TO PIECES. Thank you thank you thank you!! Really though, thank you fam!!
4. IT RAINED - talk about a miracle!
5. We didn´t have electricity for one night.

THIS WEEK FLEW BY! I can´t even believe it. Here are some of the highlights of the week.

We have a Multizone Conference coming up. And that means that as a zone we are going to put on a show of some sort. This conference we are putting on a show of the story of Ammon and King Lamoni. Oh my heavens it is just too great. I am Lamoni´s wife (oh boy) and our zone has gotten pretty into it so it should turn out really SUPERB. We are performing it this week!! The Multizone Conferences are always great!

Also the family we contacted a little bit ago are continuing to progress. They are still a little hesitant about everything, but they want to keep learning more because they love hearing about the family! We hope that they continue to progress but overall they are doing just so great.

We also found a new investigator the other day in the street!! His name is Percy! He is so great and VERY INTERESTED. He lives with his wife and two kids and we have only had a few lessons with him but he is very excited about it. He said that he only wants happiness for his family! We shared a little bit about the families and that they can be eternal. And also that the gospel is truly the thing that has brought us joy in our families. He loved hearing something like that. We have a lesson scheduled this next week so we will see how it goes. But he truly was such an answer to prayers for us.

I wanted to share two scriptures that I read this week that I just loved!! The first is in Alma 7:11-12. It talks about Jesus Christ and when he suffered for us. I have never been hit more by a scripture in my life. Our Savior suffered so much for us. But what hit me the most is that is why we feel so much strength from him. He knows EXACTLY what we are feeling when we suffer, and he knows exactly what we need to be strengthened because he has felt it too! I have never felt so much love for my Savior. We truly are so lucky to have someone who loves us so much that he suffered everything. Another scripture is in DyC 58:2-4. It says: "... He that is faithful in tribulation, the reward of the same is greater in the Kingdom of Heaven. Ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the design of your God concerning those things which shall come hereafter, and the glory which shall follow after much tribulation. For after much tribulation, come the blessings..."

I love that scripture. There is an absolute purpose in everything we go through. Everything. If we hang in there, and trust in our Heavenly Father, he is so ready to bless us in the end. I just loved that scripture!

Overall, the scriptures are incredible! I love this gospel, and I am very excited to start a new week and find more people to share this gospel with! 

My sweet fam, I love you guys to pieces! Thank you for everything!! You are all incredible and mean the world to me! 

Keep on keeping on, and no regrets!

XOXO - Hna. Shumway

Who needs electricity?!!

Me and Hermana Hualinga

Looking outside our window at the fresh rain

One of the streets I walk on each day

Another street I walk on each day

Love from our moto in the rain

Soarin ... flyin' ... having fun at the Parque Alas de Gloria

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