Wednesday, March 18, 2015




Another burning hot, sweaty week in Piura! But hey ... I´m loving it!

Gee Whiz Facts:

1. I ate a meal with animal intestines, hearts, and some "connectary parts" to other organs. When did I find out about these specific item... after the meal. Oh boy oh boy.
2. A member who is always joining us in the citas with investigators told us that all we ever talk about is food. Some things never change. :)
3. SUNDAY - I gave a talk in church (prepared last minute) and sang with my comp too!

So this week passed by so fast. I feel like every week is going by faster and faster! It´s so crazy! And today I officially completed ... dudududu ... 5 MONTHS! Woot woot! 

As I said above, I gave a talk this last Sunday. Oh my heavens I was so nervous, because it was on a talk in the Liahona. I was nervous because my talk of course is in Spanish, and on top of that I could barely understand the talk in the Liahona that is in Spanish. Holy toledo, it was an adventure! But, it actually worked out better than I thought and afterwards we also ended up singing a special musical number with my comp to I know that my Redeemer Lives (in spanish). We didn´t have any electricity this day in the church or a microphone that worked but honestly it all worked out so great!! I seriously think the Lord gave me a lot of blessings that day.

So this week we found a few new investigators!! One is a teenager that it is 18 years old, who doesn´t believe in God or that there is a purpose in life. I actually talked with his parents about one month ago in the street, as a normal contact. BUT, they didn´t have much interest. But the other day we were walking down a street looking for a specific family and we saw this teenager. We stopped to talk to him, he had some interest, gave us his address, and we stopped by the other day to have a lesson! And what do you know, I know his parents! He is taking the lessons right now, but his family still is a little hesitant. BUT, possibly in the future they will have more interest! But it seriously was crazy how it all worked out.

Also, we have seen a lot of progress with the less actives in our ward. We have a LOT! And we have struggled to animate them to come to church. But we have had incredible progress with a particular family who´s son now wants to serve a mission! We are ecstatic! They are some of our closest friends in the ward, and they are all coming to church right now. It is a miracle because before they didn´t even want to take the lessons. Blessings from the Lord!

Our only difficulty right now is with the investigators. We don´t have any that are progressing, so that is a little hard. But, we do have a lot of new investigators that seem to have interest and want to learn. We are going to keep at it!

My thought of the week - I have learned that when in doubt, say a prayer, so much strength and power comes from something that may seem so simple!

Keep on keeping on! Never give up, and make everyday better then the last! 


XOXO, Hermana Shumway

Me and Hermana Salamanca enjoying our time together ... I love her!

Our district ... they are all so great!

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