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Hola Familia,

Happy Birthday MCKAY!!!!! 17 ... so crazy!!! Hope it was the greatest!

I really don´t have that much to write this week. But overall I am trying to get to know my area and the wonderful people that live there. My comp is Hna. Hualinga. My new area is filled with a lot, A LOT of dust, sand, and bugs. I get sunburned everyday - and yes, I am using sunscreen. And I got an eye infection this week where I couldn't open my eye for a day. BUT, I feel so much joy and happiness. The people are INCREDIBLE!!! They are so humble, and the sweetest people I have ever met. There are so many kids in this area too that are always playing soccer in the sand, and I have made a few best friends! The kids here are seriously the cutest. They all want to touch my white skin and learn English! Those stickers are coming in handy too Mama ... the little kids love them!! I know I am just going to learn to LOVE this area.

I really don´t remember the names of anyone in this area. But we are working hard and the people we are teaching are so wonderful! I love the members this area, and the kids in our ward are the cutest. Also, I wanted to share a story with you of a member that we had lunch with this last Sunday. She is a widow, with three little kids. Her husband passed away a few years and she said that was so hard for her, but the only thing that could bring true strength and happiness was the gospel. She is a convert to the church. Her story of conversion goes something like this ... when she and her husband were newly married, some missionaries we walking down the street and she just felt like she needed to talk to them. She asked who they were and they presented themselves and told her a little about their message. She felt so much power in their message and wanted to learn more. They scheduled an appointment, and after a few appointments, she was baptized one month later. She started to cry at this point in the story. She told us that she knew this church was true, and she and her husband had never felt so much strength and power in their life. She said that Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Strength brings that into our lives. Strength, love, and pure joy. 

I couldn´t help but cry when she told me this story. It is so sweet and simple, but so powerful. This gospel does bring strength and joy. A lasting joy that we all need if we are to make it through this life. I love love love this gospel. SO MUCH. 

I promise I will have more pics and more info about this area the following week. But for now I am excited and learning more about my new area everyday. 

Thank you for all of your support and prayers!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

XOXO - Hna. Shumway

P.S. SCRIP of the Week: D&C 122 and 123 - So much power and strength from these sections.

P.S.S. As I was studying one day I looked over and saw a cockroach sitting on my Book of Mormon. This has become normal for me.

My new apartment

Our very efficient kitchen

Sending love from Algoborros

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