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Sounds like you are all doing so great!

This Week’s Gee Whiz Facts:

1. We ate some delicious fish with a member family earlier this week, and by the time we all finished the meal, I looked around at everyone else’s plate and say they all had piles of bones. Looked down at mine and realized I had none. Woops! Pray for me.

2. Was teaching a less active family about the BOM, and the mom was doing great with her reading recently. We asked her if she had any questions and she said, "Oh, I don’t understand any of it, but everyone should read it, it’s great!" For some reason that was so funny to me! We love their family!

3. Primary Program was this past week. SO CUTE! Didn't understand it, but it was still so adorable!!!

But I seriously feel like this week has flown by!!! And in T-minus one week and a half I will be talking with you guys over Skype!! SO crazy! I cannot wait! So I have some incredible news! My sunburn has healed completely! And that is a miracle. So mom you remember that one time I got super burnt after skiing and had blisters all over my face. Yup, that was Tuesday morning (Sorry parents, SUNBLOCK is now a every day thing, I PROMISE)! But my face was in so much pain, I couldn't sleep, and I didn't know what to do medicine wise because everything is in Spanish and I couldn't understand the instructions. So … I decided to ask for a priesthood blessing. That night the elders in our ward came over and gave me a wonderful blessing ... and it was a miracle!!! The next morning, the blisters were almost completely gone and I felt almost no pain in my face. Priesthood blessings are so real. After a couple of days my face was back to normal, and after many cold showers I feel great now! I can absolutely testify of the power of priesthood blessings. It was such a blessing that the burn healed that quickly and I just feel so blessed to have the priesthood.

Also, we had another service project this week. We cleaned a house which is actually their chapel in different area. It hadn’t been used in a couple months, so the scary news is I think there were at least a kajillion spiders ... big ones ... inside (have no fear, I didn't know how to say spider in Spanish so I didn't scream a lot when I saw one, because in reality, I didn't know what to do) but it was so much fun to clean it with my zone (I sent a pic)! 

Currently, we have no new investigators but our current ones have been making so much progress!!! Licet and her mom are still taking lessons, and her mom said that when she feels something, she will join the church. We ask her every time if she has prayed about our message and the Book of Mormon, and she says no. We are praying that she will do that and feel the spirit because once she knows the Book of Mormon is true, everything else is true!! That is such an important step! So keep her in your prayers that she will feel the spirit from our lessons and will pray to know if what we are teaching is true! 

Also Family Montinegro is our current investigator family! They are incredible and have so many questions! But that is so great, because they have such a desire to know if what we are teaching is truly the truth. We have a lesson with the tonight, and we are teaching them the Restoration! We hope and pray that they will feel the spirit, and understand how much happiness the gospel brings! They are such an incredible family, and mom, the kids LOVE the stickers you sent with me! They are just so great and we can’t wait to see where it goes in the future!

Oh and yesterday we had a meeting with our Area President! He is the presiding authority over many Latin countries and we had a huge multi-zone meeting with him with the wards and missionaries. It was incredible!! And the crazy part was he randomly called up our bishop (out of like 15 different wards) to come and share about his ward council. AND THEN … he called up all of the ward council members, INCLUDING the missionaries! So my comp and I, and the other elders in our ward walked up in front of everyone and our bishop shared our progress as a ward council. Oh man, my heart was POUNDING!! We all joked that if they asked for a missionary to speak, I would do it, because I don’t know Spanish so it would be more entertaining! Hahaha – it was so crazy, but I didn't have to end up speaking! But it was great to share our experiences as a ward with the different zones. 

Overall, I am doing great and very busy!! Every day is exhausting but so amazing! I love this work! I know I say that all the time, but I have felt so much joy from being a missionary!!! Right now I am trying to finish the Book of Mormon before the end of the year and am currently in the end of Alma reading about Moroni and his incredible testimony and power as a leader. I love the Book of Mormon and I challenge all of you to read that every day and cherish that time. We are so blessed to have that incredible book.

I love you all and hope you have the greatest Christmas in a week and a half! Do what’s right and no regrets!! 

XOXO – Hermana CHUMway

Cleaning the dirt and grime from the chapel ... and Spider Armageddon!

Holding hands with the nutcracker in front of the local mall

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