Monday, September 28, 2015


Hey there Fam!

Soooooo … hopefully I can write down everything in time! McKay ... Holy smokes, you guys are beautiful! Hope Homecoming went great! And you guys went fishing!!! Looks like a blast! And sweet Lizzy with her BYU shirt – so cute! Em – Congrats on the job … YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!! You are just too smart, that is so amazing!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

So just one gee whiz fact to share this week ... I HEARD SHAKE IT OFF by Taylor Swift today!!! We were eating lunch and it came on ... and I secretly inside was dying it was so great. I remembered that moment when we were all in the car heading to go miniature golfing and I freaked out when the song came on and scared Dad and Mom to death. Good times.

This week we started it out with a Noche de Hogar (FHE) which went SUPERBLY!!! We had planned to have it in the house of a recent convert Carola, and we showed up not expecting many members to come ... and BOOM ... it was PACKED!!! About 20 people were there and that is like the whole Sunday sacrament meeting which is pretty incredible! Many of the youth and single adults showed up too and we had fun learning about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I taught the lesson, put them into groups, and asked them to each cover a different principle of the gospel, draw it, and then find a scripture to share about it. The pics turned out to be so great (sorry I don't have a pic to share) and they all taught their principle PERFECTLY! Then we ended playing a game called THE BOMB ... and we ended the night laughing and having the best of time. I shared a little bit of America with them and gave them all Jolly Ranchers. It was a success! 

The next few days we spent time finding new investigators. I think I mentioned it but many of our investigators haven´t been progressing lately so we are constantly looking for new ones. We are still working with Maribel and she is doing great but hasn’t got around to reading her Book of Mormon yet or praying to know if it is true. We are helping her though, step by step. She says she feels happier so that is good!

Also, in our time searching for investigators we struggled to find a certain contact we had contacted a week before. We were looking and looking … and finally the people told us the house doesn’t exist. My comp and I looked at each other and the member that was with us got pretty frustrated because we had spent a lot of time looking. But then a thought came to my head and I said, "Maybe Heavenly Father didn't want us to find them just yet, and really just wanted us to find the people around the house." We then started to contact all the people that we had passed by and found two great families! And it just taught me a lesson that we can look at every situation in a positive way, no matter the circumstance. When you look at things in a happier, positive way … life is just so much better! 

Also, we ended up contacting a family on our list of contacts, and found one of the girls that has been coming to our English classes. Her name is Estefany and when I saw her I couldn’t believe it! Her family is very Catholic but she wants to learn more about the church and loves going to the activities. She is a cutie-pie so I will let you know how it goes with her!

It is getting hotter and hotter in Chulucanas! Man … it is sooooo hot! But that means it is also mango season here and everyone gives us mangoes … so that is just great and seems to cool us down.

I love this mission business. Lucero and I walk and walk and walk and walk so much! We are exhausted but we are finding new investigators and are just thrilled to be here! She is a little fireball that has taught me so much in our one week together! She is a recent convert that is going to change the world. 

ARE YOU ALL READY FOR CONFERENCE!!! I challenge all of you to make a list of questions for conference, and I know they will get answered! It is something that has helped me so much in my time here in the mission! What an incredible time! Gotta love Conference!


Until next week,

Hermanita Shumway

My mini-missionary Lucero is such a doll and I just love her a whole lot!

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