Monday, October 5, 2015


Shumway Crew!

Gee-Whiz Facts of the Week:

1. First off … two of my sweet mission pals went home this last week. Definitely was not easy getting that phone call … and man … am I going to miss them a whole lot! So here’s a shout out to you beautiful girls ... LOVE YOU HERMANA CROWDER AND HERMANA BRYCE!!! Two of the funniest and most wonderful people I have ever met … and they kept my mission life interesting and full of adventures. Love you two!

2. Apparently there was a small earthquake this last week during the night ... let’s just say that Hermana Shumway felt NADA and slept through the whole thing. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO FEEL AN EARTHQUAKE PEOPLE!!! Life is rough.

3. A sweet little girl named Gladys asked me this week - "So how does it work when you go home … can you marry normal people or do you only have to marry the elders?" Priceless.

4. I passed out today. Long story short ... woke up at 6:00, went to a members house to workout with my pals from the ward, worked out hardcore, sat down after to drink water … woke up a little bit later on the floor with everyone staring at me. I guess I forgot to eat before I worked out. WOOPS! Slammed my head hard on the floor and now have a huge goose-egg. But the funny part is when I woke up the first words out of my worth were, "And you didn’t record it!?" Always an adventure with Hermana Shumway.

It was quite a week! First off ... 3 NEW APOSTLES! I mean … WOW!!! And they bore such powerful testimonies. What a special moment!! And conference is always filled with such incredible talks, but man this conference was just spectacular. And I watched the whole thing in Spanish. Yeah … I still didn’t understand much … but at least a handful of it! It was so wonderful!! Gotta love conference! Many members of our cute branch gathered in to watch it! 

We had a Ward Karaoke Night this week! It was super fun and many members came! We are working on uniting this branch and we hope it’s working! Some sweet converts from our branch Hermana Carola, Luca, and Teresa … which was a huge step for them. We have been trying to reactivate them and they have started coming more to the activities! 

This week we realized we had not challenged a single person to baptism. We have a huge list of new investigators that we have found in these last few weeks … BUT … no one is progressing ad no one has a baptismal date. And our purpose is to Invite Others to Come Unto Christ! So we realized that we need to change things up! We have an investigator named Maribel that loves listening to our lessons but has never followed through with her commitments. We have invited her to come to church, read the Book of Mormon, pray about it, and every time we show up … nothing. So we realized what haven’t we done … and that is invite her to baptism! So this week is the week! We are inviting her to baptism and maybe that will help her understand the end goal! That step is so sacred and so important! I will let you know how it goes!

We have a lot of investigators right now but no one is progressing … but that won’t get us down. We have a NEW week and NEW ideas! This week we have an activity where we are going to watch the movie Meet the Mormons and invite everyone to see it! We pray that people will come – that movie is spectacular! 

So with my goose-egg and all I am excited to head into a new week! This month we are prepping for the wedding of Andrea and Leandro! Did I tell you that he was present in the pic where we are watching general conference! It was so incredible! He continues to progress!!!

Love this work! Love you ALL!!! Tell Jake I say CONGRATS!!! Man I love that kid and I am so proud of him. He will be an INCREDIBLE missionary! And tell Jane, Lisa, and the Ashton Fam hi from me!

XOXO, Hermana Shumway

Karaoke Night ... me with two little girls that I love

And a pic with the Single Adults that I love

When you lose your wallet and use a gum pack that you found as your new wallet ... mission life

General Conference in a members house ... so great

Cute balloon my mini-missionary comp Hermana Chiroque made of us

Paint water balloon fight with the Zone ... our district rocks

Selfie with the sisters

Zone lunch at Chili’s ... muy delicioso!

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