Thursday, October 16, 2014


Helllooooooooo FAMILY!!!!!

Sounds like things are once again superb at the Shumway Home!! LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Keep being incredible!!!

So to start, I HAVE ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT HERE!!! WHAT?????? Early Tuesday morning Hermana Shumway will be headin´ to go preach the gospel in Piura!!! So nuts! And just a heads up that this may be my last email for about a week and a half! I am not sure how soon they will let us email when I get to Piura. So just try not to forget that I LOVE YOU GUYS for a week and a half, alrighty? I seriously cannot even express how excited I am to actually start serving! My Spanish is definitely not incredible, and I am still learning so much, but I just know that it is going to be the most incredible thing sharing this incredible work with the people of Piura! 

This week has been really great at the CCM! We might have a little too much fun here!!! Earlier this week my district and I were studying new words, and each of us were supposed to think of a new verb and a hand sign to go with it to show the class. I thought of the word “conquistar” because that means to conquer and I thought that would give us a little motivation that we can TOTALLY CONQUER any trial that comes at us. My hand signal was crossing my arm over my chest... no idea where that came from... and I demonstrated it for the class. THE NEXT PART WAS HILARIOUS. Slowly, everyone started pounding their chest and said conquistar ... and then ... conquistar, CONQUISTAR, CONQUISTAR. No joke, we all started, in sync, pounding our chest and chanting CONQUISTAR! It is officially now our district cheer. When we play soccer, are studying and need some pumping up, or just randomly, we will all start chanting! Oh my heavens, it is HILARIOUS!! That probably makes no sense, but hey, I thought I would try to explain it!

Another highlight of the week is I cut an hermana´s hair (don´t freak out fam) because she really wanted shorter hair, and me being so willing to be SERVICEABLE, offered to give it a go! I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD IN MY LIFE!!! I was terrible, and I had no idea what I was doing ... but have no fear, I constantly kept reminding her that all was well in the back of her head. I tried to remember all the things my hairstylist would do to my hair but pretty much I just winged it. My favorite person on planet earth, Hermana Frame (an hermana in our room) held the trash can and I did the cutting. The great thing is it doesn´t look to bad! Just a little random layers here and there, and a few uneven spots, but she is still smiling so it must not be that terrible!

Also, I sang at one of our devotionals. SURPRISE!!! I seriously was scared to death, and was not planning on doing it ... but they needed someone for a musical number, so me and Hermana Frame offered to sing a duet, and then our district would join in in the chorus. It ended up being a lot of fun, but a little frightening singing in front of all the missionaries! But always a great experience!

At another one of our devotionals, we ended up watching a devotional from the Provo MTC, and it was Elder Uchtdorf speaking. One of the highlights was when he talked about the apostle Peter and when he denied Christ 3X. And then he talked about how Peter from that point on, desiring to never experience that moment again, became one of the greatest missionaries. The overall point was what kind of witness are we? Are we like Peter when he denied the Christ, or the incredible witness he was after that moment?

Two other great one-liners:

     - Develop a reputation as someone who is fearless.
     - If you want to punch Satan in the mouth, preach the gospel.

I also want to let you guys know that I placed my first Book of Mormon today!!! It was our P-Day, and as a district we made the goal to proselyte as we were going to the store. So ... we were walking to the store, spotted a few people, and we all got super nervous and I  wanted to act like I wasn´t scared, so I grabbed my companion, Hermana Robinson, and we walked over to a lady walking her dog. We got rejected really quick … BUT, me being the determined person I am, wanted to try again. So my comp and I walked over to a man talking to his friend that had her little kid with her. We were just talking about super basic things, and then we slowly eased in to who we were and what we believed. We started talking about the Book of Mormon and it really surprised him when he heard that it testified of Christ in the Americas. He then became super interested, wanted to learn more, and we gave him a BOM! It was one of the most exciting, thrilling moments I have ever felt! And the gift of tongues is so real too! I was able to talk a lot and bear my testimony, and that is a miracle in itself! I just cannot wait to get to Piura and experience this every day! I absolutely know it will be hard, but it is the most wonderful feeling when you share this gospel with the world! I JUST LOVE THIS WORK!! If anyone is doubting whether or not to go on a mission—don´t. I just love this gospel!

I don´t have a lot of time left, but overall just know I love you and am doing great!! I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else! And my mission scripture Alma 26:12 has been a blessing every day!

Next email you get, I will be a missionary in Piura!! So crazy!!! I love you all and you are always in my prayers!

Grandpa J. - I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!! You are getting three fingers up, spelling I LOVE YOU, from here in PERU.

XOXO – Hermana Shumway

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