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Hola Familia!!!!

YOU ARE GETTING A DOG!!!! Ahhhh, I am so excited! PLEASE send me pics when you have some! And sounds like you are all busy,busy, busy! Just know I love you a WHOLE LOT and pray for you all every day! 

Here we go with the Gee-Whiz Facts:

1. I have a hard time counting in English right now. So after 18 months... oh boy.
2. Se llama CARNIVALES - We were walking down the street, and then all of a sudden a bunch of water balloons hit us from different directions. This is what they call Carnivales. Where the youth attack random people with water balloons during the day. GENIUS!
3. Contact of the Week (the great time we have to contact people in the street) - We spotted a couple in the park, walked on over feeling pumped and excited, introduced who we were, and the response was .... nothing. They DID NOT TALK. We kept talking, trying to make it not awkward (testifying, smiling REALLY BIG), and they did not talk. So me, being the awkward person I am, said to girl "You have the most beautiful eyes"... yeah, even more awkward. It was so nuts! So we left them with a card of the church, and walked away. MOST AWKWARD CONTACT I have ever experienced.
4. Most commonly used phrases in English of my comp: HELLLLPPP ME, I am trying ... to sleep, to eat, etc. (in her cute latina accent) It is soooo cute - I LOVE HER!

This week we talked to ...145 people! Our goal was 150 ... BUT ... we were pretty close. We found a lot of incredible families and people that really want to learn more. THIS WAS A MIRACLE! I mean, it is normal for missionaries to contact people in the street, but at times it is hard to find people that truly want to listen to our message. But we found some wonderful people!! We have already had a few follow-up visits with some of the contacts and this week our goal is to have follow-up visits with the others. We are very excited and hope some of these great families will want to keep learning more!

Cosme, our investigator that has a baptismal date, has progressed SO MUCH this week. He says he feels so happy and good, and is still a little hesitant to be baptized, but he says he feels good. The only thing is he hasn't come to church. But he is reading the Book of Mormon and praying and wants to receive an answer. We love his desire to learn and how he seriously trusts that he can receive an answer. And we have so much faith that he will! Overall he is so wonderful, and we hope and pray that he will come to church this next Sunday.

Diego, our new investigator, has also progressed so much. He has a LOT of questions because he studied in a catholic university before, but he keeps on telling us that it makes sense what we are teaching him. We gave him a Book of Mormon in our last visit and promised him that if he truly wants to know if what we are teaching is real and true, he can pray and ask his Heavenly Father. Sometimes it is so hard to leave that commitment to the investigator, because it really is left in their hands to know the truth, but I know that our Heavenly responds to our prayers and I KNOW that he can receive an answer. We hope and pray that he prays and feels its true. He is so great and seriously is a miracle investigator!

This week none of our investigators came to church. That was tough for my comp and I. But a less active family and their kids (we are teaching their two sons) CAME!!! The Dad is an investigator, and the mom rarely comes to church because she works. And the teenager aged sons never want to listen to our lessons. But, we invited them to come to church and this past Sunday ... they ALL CAME!!! It was a miracle. We were so happy!!!

Also, this week I wanted to share a scripture with you all. It's in Mosiah 24:13-15. This is such an incredible chapter to me, and I passed by it the other day and just had to share it with you all! I know that we all have hard times, and maybe we are struggling in something (faith, work, school) BUT, the Lord will never abandon us. And if we trust in him he will strengthen us and make our burdens light. I love this scripture and invite you all to read it. It was a picker - upper for me this week!

Well, I am off to start another work in this incredible work! For anyone doubting whether or not to serve a mission, SERVE. I have grown not only in my confidence as a Daughter of my Heavenly Father, but in my testimony and love for the Book Mormon. I love being a missionary. It is the most exhausting but thrilling experience of my life!

I wish you all the best this week!!! Thank you for your support!

Keep on pushing on. Trust in your Heavenly Father. And have no regrets. 

You are all ALWAYS in my prayers!

XOXO – Hermana Shumway


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