Monday, November 17, 2014


Hola Familia!! 

To start, I want to say I love hearing about all of your stories and the things happening in your lives!! Sorry I haven´t been responding about all of those great things. Parker, SO SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! You and Cass are darling and I am absolutely thrilled for you guys! LINDSEY PETERSON is going on a mission!!!! Ahhhhh, when you see her please give her a big hug from me and tell her I am so excited for her! She will be an incredible missionary!!! And Mom, you are incredible!! All of the work you do for your job is amazing, and the big change in employees is such an exciting step for Allegiance! And Mr. Downs. OH MY HEAVENS I LOVE THAT MAN!!! So happy you got to chat with him for a little!! Seriously, it sounds like you guys are just so busy and doing such great things! Lovey, I hope school is going great for you and you are feeling okay!! Love you so much!! Chariton, what ever happened to writing me?? Just kidding, but seriously I would love to hear about you and your dates and school!! I love you champ! Parks, love you to the moon and back! Thank you for your letters and I am thrilled for you!! Justin and Emily, you guys just are the cutest and I love you way too much!! Hope law school is going great for you Emily!! I bet you are just killing it! And Justin, hope school and work and all of those great things are going well!! Love you guys so much!! Mom and Dad I love you guys so much too!! Thank you for your support and letters!! 

So, this week has been great!! So busy, but so great!! To start, we had a member of the Seventy come and speak to us. His name is Elder Evans and he was an incredible speaker. He pretty much just laid out that we need to work harder, and dedicate all we have to this time as missionaries! He also shared about how repentance needs to be a very strong focus in our lessons with our investigators. He wanted us to understand that for a member to repent and be baptized requires a complete change of heart. And that we make such sacred ordinances when we are baptized. It seriously was just such a powerful talk and made me want to work so much harder! He also stressed the importance of finding references from members and our investigators. And he promised us that that night (after the meeting) in our proselyting we would find references. What a promise!! And guess what happened!! My comp and I found someone!!

So here is what happened. So like normal, we went out to meet with our investigators that night and none of our citas fell through, so we got super frustrated because we had hoped we would find references! And then... as we were walking around a park looking for families to share the gospel with, a 14 year old girl came up and asked us when we were going to visit her family?? It was so crazy!! We had never met her before, and she shared with us that about a year ago missionaries had visited with her and her family but I guess they stopped coming after a while. When she saw us and remembered the sister missionaries and wanted to know when we were coming to visit again! So we set up a visit for the following day. When we went and met with her the following day, we decided to ask her for references. She gave us 5!!!! It was such a blessing! Seriously I couldn´t believe it! Such a blessing. 

Also, we were going to have a baptism this weekend but we are probably going to move it to the next week. Our investigator Jorge is incredible, but he needs a few more lessons and we want to make sure to not rush through them! Also, our other investigator that was going to be baptized can´t anymore. Her parents, who are not members, don´t think that she is ready. It is so sad!! She has such a desire to be baptized! But they said that maybe in December she can do it! So we will shoot for that.

Overall, things are going really well! We are preaching the gospel and trying so hard to find more people to teach every day! Please pray for us to find new families! We want to share this gospel so bad, because it is such a blessing!! Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without the gospel. I love this work!! Share the gospel with everyone around you! We are so blessed to have the church in our life!

I love you ALL!!! Do what´s right every day and always trust in your Heavenly Father!! 1 Nephi 7:12 

XOXO – Hermana Shumway

Noche de Postres (Dessert Night) ... we baked brownies and a carrot cake!

Just another hot and sweaty day in Piura ... sending my love to you all!

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