Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hola Familia!!!

Another great week has flown by! Oh my heavens, I have two months in the mish!!! That is so nuts! I am loving it here and this week has been so great!!

As you all wonder every week … how is my Spanish? Well, this week I was able to understand A LOT more!! My comp is so patient with me and pushes me to speak as much as I can. The best part is when we are contacting in the street and my comp says the next person is mine and right when I start speaking the same thing happens every time. The person starts with a smile and then their face slowly moves to a confused look, a no idea what was just said type of look. Well, the language will come one of these days! :)

Right now we are teaching about 7 families! We found one of the families as the sister was washing her car out in the calle. We introduced ourselves like normal, and when we started talking about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith she was shocked and said, "Oh yeah, I had a dream about him." WHAT??? Talk about a prepared investigator!! She wanted to learn more and invited us in to her home. She invited her brother and cousin out (keep in mind that they are all about 60 years old and the sweetest group of people) and we taught them the first lesson. The spirit was so strong!! I could only speak a little bit of Spanish, but I testified of what I could and we asked if we could come again! Now we have taught them three lessons, and they are GOLDEN investigators! They are reading their Book of Mormon and are so sweet and excited to learn more! Oh and in the last visit, they invited two of their family members to listen to the lesson. WOW!! Maybe by the end of December we will have 5 more baptisms?? Cross your fingers!!

Also, this last week we had a day when none of our meetings with investigators fell through, so we decided to do contacting and knock on a bunch of doors in the street. We began knocking, and did for what seemed like forever before we got to the house of one of our current investigators. We stopped to say hello, talked to her for a little, and then found out she has a brother who is a member, who lives in her house, and has been looking for the missionaries!! WHY HAD WE NOT HEARD THIS BEFORE?? She called him down to meet us, and he is an incredible man named Julio. He has been looking for the church ever since he moved from Lima to Piura! It was a miracle!! Seriously, we had been knocking on doors ALL DAY and one of our last houses (a house of an investigator) had a member of the church! He was so excited and said he would love to come to church that Sunday! And sure thing, he was there the following Sunday!! He seriously is incredible and so willing to take the lessons again since he has been inactive for quite some time. He is literally the perfect investigator!

Overall, we are working hard and are loving the opportunity we have to teach the gospel every day!! Thank you for all of your support and we´ll see what this next week brings!! I love you all!!! Keep choosing the right and make every day count!

XOXO – Hermana "CH-UM" way!!

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