Thursday, February 4, 2016


Shumway Crew,

I don't even know how to organize my thoughts this week … IT FLEW BY!!!

So to start ... I told you my companion is from Utah ... but really she is FROM OREGON. Just a heads up!

This last week we saw a huge miracle here in Talara! THREE PEOPLE CAME TO CHURCH!!!! After months and months of waiting for my investigators to come to church ... they finally came! Hermana Kati came (the mom of Angelo) and her cute 9 year old son Lucas. And the other investigator was a reference we met this last week named Alejandra. She is a new investigator!
Kati and her family are doing incredibly well! Can you even believe that we are teaching the whole family now? The sad part is her husband works ALWAYS so he is never there … but she, Angelo, and Lucas are very interested. Last week we invited them to church and she seemed a little hesitant. But the following lesson, she told us that she woke up the following day and felt like she NEEDED to go. She explained it like a warming sensation that she needed to go to church. So they came to the Noche Misional Friday Night and then on Sunday to church. Her little son Lucas especially loved it! They are currently praying as a family and she is reading her scriptures ... it is a miracle! The only thing is she is still too scared to accept a baptismal date. But little by little. Also, they might be coming to our Family Home Evening night tonight with Familia Rosales.

Alejandra is a reference from Presidente Rosales. One night as we were leaving after ward council, Hna. Valencia and I headed over to watch the youth that were practicing a dance outside. President Rosales called us over and we met  Alejandra. She is 18 years old and has been practicing dances at the church for the last few months. We asked if we could share a message with her sometime that week and she said sure! So we stopped by and she is very excited to learn more! And she even came to church! A few of her member friends picked her up took her to church on Sunday! 

Speaking of references ... as we were walking down the street last week, a cute little girl popped out of nowhere and told us to visit her neighbor. We knocked the door, not thinking anything of it, and a guy named Mitchell answered. We taught him a quick lesson and he seems really interested. That sweet little girl was inspired! He is now a new investigator of ours!

So it was a week of miracles with our investigators! Our area has progressed so much in just one week. We are working like crazy and I am just trying to soak it all in while I can. Currently my comp and I are making a list of the miracles we see each day. It is incredible how much Heavenly Father puts his hand in this work!

Also, we had Leadership Council with President and Sister Rasmussen. It was a very inspiring counsel. I realized how much our mission is changing and the potential we have to make even more changes. I took a few pics with my pals from the MTC as well. Going to miss all of these great people!

Oh and side note ... we made a Lime Pie with Kati and her family today! She is the sweetest!!!

Love you all!! Keep on keeping on!! This church is true and Heavenly Father loves you all so much!

XOXO, Hermana Shumway

With President and Hermana Rasmussen at our Leadership Council

Our investigator Kati invited us to have lunch

You know how I love eating yummy food ... well it was delicious!

Making a cake with our investigator Kati

It was so much fun

We did pretty good and learned a lot

It turned out great!

Me and the comp

Me and the cute Californian in the mission (who looks like a Latina) that are going home together

Saying bye to The Boys (they were in my group from the MTC)

Me and Hermana Rasmussen

Zone Meeting (we taught this new principle - Como Comenzar a Bautizar)

It is always great to get together

A pic with all of the hermanas together

Just had to share a pic of this beautiful land ... I love it here!!!

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