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Happy New Years!!!! So crazy that we are in 2015! A tradition here in Piura is to stay up almost all night dancing and launching fireworks! I learned about this tradition as I was happily sleeping in my room, when all of a sudden I heard a huge boom, looked out my window and saw fireworks going off EVERYWHERE at midnight (and all the way until 6 in the morning when I woke up)!! It was incredible! I have to admit I just about had a heart attack when they first went off and I may or may not have slept at all that night, but hey it is an experience I will never forget. 

So Gee Whiz Facts of the Week:

1. I think I broke two toes today (Sorry Mom and Dad) playing Soccer with our District. But have no fear, I am walking and it will heal in about a week, right?
2. Typical Food Day for Me - I eat Oatmeal for Breakfast and Yogurt and Granola for Dinner. With a huge Lunch in between with our pencionista! And then mangos throughout the day!
3. Cool Fact: Apparently in February it is the hottest time of the year in Piura. So the tradition is for people to throw water balloons at you while you are walking in the street. 

So here is the story of this week. To start we had another intercambio with the sister leaders (it is like what I did with Hermana Cardon). And my Sister Leader was Hermana Gozan. She is from Honduras San Pedro Sula (JUSTIN!!!), has 13 months in the mission, and she is incredible! It was great for me, because she didn´t know hardly any English, so it was great practice for my Spanish! Honestly, I have never seen a missionary that could testify with so much power. It was incredible seeing her share her testimony and literally helping every person understand that our message has so much importance! Oh man, she is just so wonderful. It was so great! And she could understand me too! WOOHOO!

Also, CESAR MIO came to church this week!!! Oh my heavens, it was a miracle! He is a new convert from earlier this year that didn´t want to come to church because he didn´t have church clothes. We have asked him over and over again, and he finally came! It was the best feeling walking into the congregation and what do you know, Cesar is sitting in the congregation!  We were thrilled! We hope and pray that he will continue to come! 

Also we have two new investigators! Their names our Miguel and Sergio. Both are references of less actives. Sergio lives with his parents and daughter. He is so interested in our message and wants to do all he can to have a happy life for his daughter! We have only had a few lessons with him but he is so willing to learn more about our message!! And this week we set a baptismal date for him for Valentine’s Day. We felt we needed to say it in the first lesson and he accepted! We hope he continues to feel the truth of our message, and will feel ready on this date, but overall we are thrilled for him!  Miguel lives with his parents and has so many questions about our religion. But after we answer his questions he always says something about how "that makes so much sense"! He is excited to learn more and we can´t wait to see where it goes!

So I have so GREAT NEWS!!! Our stake gets to participate in the dedication of the Temple in Trujillo in March! All of the youth are going to present some type of traditional dance for the authority that will come, and everyone says that the Prophet is planning on coming! Not sure if that is true, but isn´t that so wonderful!! Also the dedication will be broadcast in the stake center, so we all get to watch the temple being dedicated! I seriously need to work hard to learn this language so I can understand the dedication! But it is such an incredible experience for these people!! They now will have a temple that is only about seven hours away, and I have never seen so many members so overwhelmed with joy! This is such a blessing and it is incredible and we all can’t wait!

Overall, we keep on pushing on and I am excited for a new week! Every day I love these people more and more and it is incredible being able to share the gospel with them! A typical day for me involves blisters, dust in my hair, and rosy red cheeks but it is all so worth it! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Thank you all for your support!!

Make every day better than the day before!


XOXO - Hermana CHUMway

P.S. PARKER AND CASS - You are adorable!!! Keep the pics coming, holy toledo I love them!

P.S. SO HAPPY you got my letters! I hope they made sense. I wrote them super quick but I just wanted you all to know I love you!

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